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  1. Stu Brew

    Hops Rhizome Release 2024

    Slow start to the rhizome season. Raining a lot now its hit June so ill be digging for the next few weeks at least. Most varieties are up already with a few stragglers i havent got to yet. 1000s of Rhizomes sold over the last 8 years. We sell quality rhizomes so you have the best chance of...
  2. Stu Brew

    Rhizome/Bulk Rhizome Availability 2023

    G'day everyone. Here for my yearly post. Rhizomes pre orders started a few weeks ago. Orders have been pretty solid. Hoping to start shipping out next week. This year we will have rhizomes of the following. Centennial Cascade Jakes Gold Hallertau M Dr Rudi Columbus Chinook Target...
  3. Stu Brew

    Hops Rhizomes for Sale

    G'day everyone. Shipping Australia wide ex Tassy and WA due to local quarantine restrictions. July 1st - July 14th 2022. Free 15m roll of Professional Coir Twine with every 5 Australian Hops Rhizomes purchased. Limit 2 free twines per customer. While stocks last. Our stocks all large...
  4. Bryan K

    Pride of Ringwood in Savannah GA!

    This is hands-down my favorite hop and I was very fortunate to find some rhizomes here in the US. Any special tips on success from my upside down friends??
  5. brewchampion

    Where to source whole hops?

    Hi. I'm in Newcastle nsw. Anyone know any sources of whole hops? I'm after a kilo. Consider any variety. Pro growers only with lab profiles for product.
  6. I

    Been out of the game for a while - Hop Method advice

    Getting back into it after a while due to time restraints, so apologies for asking a relatively simple question, just don't want to start back up with a shocker. Picked up a simple kit recipe from the country brewer for a 150 lashes clone. The finishing hops are 12g of centennial and amarillo...
  7. D

    comparison chart for Australian vs UK and US grains

    Is there a comparison chart for Australian versions of UK and US grains and hops? My local home brew shop has a variety of grains, but they are not the same as what I find in UK and US recipes. Its the same with hops. The shop has a comparison chart, but it would be good to have my own...
  8. Stu Brew


    Some of the Target we grew this year!
  9. D

    Home Grown Wet Hop Fail

    Hi Folks, I recently made a fairly standard pale ale and added 150g of wet hops from my garden in at the end of the boil (in a hop bag). They were in there for 15 mins while i started my immersion chiller then i removed them at squeezed out the aborbed wort back into the my boiler. My beer...
  10. Belgrave Brewer

    Hops Growing Masterclasses in VIC and SA

    Hops Growing Master Classes February 2nd in VIC at Yellingbo Brewing & Hop Garden, and February 9th in SA at Fresh Hops Co-op of Australia. Horticulturist and Hop Grower Stuart Bn will guide you through all aspects of successful hop growing in this 4 hour course. Contact Stuart at...
  11. B

    Early Hop Additions to AVOID

    So I read this in the Coopers Malt thread, and it resounded with my experience brewing with Galaxy - why mine is so bad (apart from my own faults/capabilities). Can anyone else shed light on what they would avoid for early addition (bittering) hops, from either a resource or from experience...
  12. J

    Max Bittering for a partial Boils

    Hi Guys, A bit of a newbie here... 8 brews and counting. I have a question about bittering hops when doing a partial boil. My basic brew method is as follows: 1. Steep specialty grains 30mins 67C in 5L water in grain sock. 2. Sparge by pouring 67C water over the grain through a strainer to...
  13. Belgrave Brewer

    Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Victoria Rhizomes for sale.

    Centennial rhizomes are now available for $20 each. It has taken us 2 growing seasons to build up a small amount of stock. Cascade, Chinook, and Victoria rhizomes also available at $15 each. All root stock is from a highly productive chemical free hop farm. Shipping on Mondays express mail...
  14. Belgrave Brewer

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade.

    Hop Rhizomes for sale - Victoria, Chinook and Cascade. Victoria, Chinook, and Cascade rhizomes now available. Large are $15 each and small are $10 each. Shipping and handling Priority mail starts from $13. All rhizomes are from 3 year old established and highly productive hop plants. Sorry...
  15. Mat B

    Hops Rhizomes & Crowns for sale - Melb NE suburbs

    I have a number of rhizomes to sell and 4 big crowns. Would prefer pick-up from NE suburbs of Melbourne, but can post at your expense. From what I've read, posting to Tas and WA is pretty tricky so I'll have to exclude those states, sorry. There's three varieties available: Cascade Unknown...
  16. Eps

    Buying: Hop Rhizomes based in WA

    Hey Brewers, I would like to start growing a collection of different Humulus lupulus (Hops) strains. Excuse my post if it has already been asked, but I'm having trouble finding a source of Hop rhizomes in WA. (I found a few older threads so I know there are some hop rhizomes in WA) I am...
  17. B

    Noob questions

    Okay just took 2nd gravity reading from my mangrove jacks kit dutch with brew enhancer 2, 2 days straight 1.012 with kit yeast, Planning on racking 2 second fermenter and dropping with hallertau hops just the 12 gram bags. Probably add finings Sunday and Bottle early next Saturday? Don't have...
  18. eldertaco

    Epic's 5 – 10 – 15 Rule for Dry Hopping

    Apparently their rule of thumb for dry hopping at Epic is 5g/L for pales, 10g/L for IPA and 15g/L for IIPA. https://www.epicbeer.com/the-5-10-15-rule/ I've never gone quite that hard but I've got an IPA and a DIPA in the ferment fridge at the moment, so I think I'll have a stab and see what...
  19. B

    Hops Rhizomes - Cascade, Williamette, Chinook, Tettnang and POR

    Hi Brewers, I have a few of each of these rhizomes available for sale in Victoria. More Cascade and Chinook than the others, and only a few Williamettes. $10 per rhizome plus postage - VIC, SA and NSW only. Postage is $10 for up to 3 per pack, $15 for 4 to 10 per pack Can't mail them to Tas or...
  20. ramo


    What are you favorite homebrewing people / pages you follow. What are some Nano brewery, Micro Brewery and Breweries pages you follow and would like to share with others??? Non beer pages welcome as well..