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    AHB Articles: Fermenting Directly in the No-chill Cube

    I live in a rainy area and don't use the tank for much else. I don't like risking upsetting worms and micro-fauna by tipping onto garden. I haven't checked pH but it feels a little soapy suggesting alkaline.
  2. sah

    AHB Articles: Fermenting Directly in the No-chill Cube

    Completely filling the cube with sodium percarbonate solution and leaving to soak will also deal with a stubborn protein ring. I dissolve the granules with a bit of hot water and then fill to the brim from a rain tank. I'd worry about getting a grain of rice trapped in the handle of the cube.
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    I want to get elected!

    just like the big guys. Where are the small brewery policies? I want social policy that is both GU and GU:BU based - less tax the further from the median.
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    Deja Vu Bar (525 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne)

    Visiting from out of town, Wed night $6 specials going strong. Amazing tap selection backed up ten fold by bottles in the fridge. Small quality pub menu from kitchen. AHB's own OscarMan behind the bar (chance meet) giving very astute and passionate advice on the best tipples. Great night. Thank...
  5. sah

    RecipeDB - Doc's Bavarian Weizen

    There is no need for a secondary but a word of warning. WB06 will pull a 1.055+ down to 1.009 or less so you will want to avoid bottling prematurely. Even at cool temps <16C WB06 always gets the job done in 7 days at most.
  6. sah

    RecipeDB - Doc's Bavarian Weizen

    I'd be surprised if Joe White distribute unmalted wheat. This is the stuff you make bread from. It has limited use in beer making, used in some belgian wits. You definitely need malted wheat for a hefe & if it's made by JW, I'd bet that's what it is.
  7. sah

    Cleaning The Cube

    How do you judge when the solution is still effective? Do you test pH?
  8. sah

    Cleaning The Cube

    WB-06 is a monster of a yeast. With 21L in a 25L cube I've not had an escape (yet). Having said that, some yeast is just hard to contain in any fermenter. A blow off tube could be fitted.
  9. sah

    Cleaning The Cube

    Your cube can be your fermenter. Easier again. Works a treat.
  10. sah

    Camlocks This Time

    I've seen these used for pnuematic applications - self contained breathing apparatus fittings. They'd be a lot more difficult to clean than the camlocks.
  11. sah

    On Tap @ Harts

    I stayed at the four seasons a couple of weekends back. Very handy to Harts indeed.
  12. sah

    Cleaning Vinyl Tubing

    Sorry. you know what they same about making assumptions. So I'm wondering about how it removes the scale now? Heat?
  13. sah

    Cleaning Vinyl Tubing

    It helps to understand the cleaning products and the nature of the gunk you want to clean. Sodium percarbonate is an oxidizing agent. It works well with organic material (wort, hops, protein break). It works perfectly well in cold but takes longer. Sounds like you had some scaling from salts...
  14. sah

    Cleaning Vinyl Tubing

    Anything works - sodium percarbonate is good. However, that tubing doesn't last long, it deteriorates. It's cheap, consider buying more?
  15. sah

    Nowra Microbrewery?

    Unfortunately I've only tried "The Pale" which I picked up from Steve's Fine Wines at Berry (an awesome bottlo). I was expecting another standard Aussie craft APA, good but a bit boring... I was blown away! This beer was amazing! Can't wait to try the rest of the range (and more of the Pale)...