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    65 litre RoboBrew Thread

    Has been way too many beers between posts and even more between brews. As such I am looking at possibly buying a "Brewzilla". Anyone here have one and have any feedback? Cheers Pok
  2. Building my AG Setup

    Building my AG Setup

    Pics of how I built my AG setup
  3. pokolbinguy

    FS: 5 X Pinlock 19L Cornies

    Bloody good deal for $250 including the gas bottle. Snap it up...I would if I was local and I certainly don't need any more kegs!
  4. pokolbinguy

    Where do you buy..

    If you need to insulate your fridge more than it already is maybe relocate it???? BUT if you want to go about it, find a local furniture shop etc, foam sheets are commonly used to package furniture and could pick some up for nix
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    Not even 10% off....thats pretty rough if you ask me Should be getting atleast 20%+ off. If it was <$250, different story. Personally for the $27 the dings in the top would do my head will notice them more than you think, well that is if you are like me.
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    Has anyone seen any of these in stock in HBS's in Newcastle?
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    Looks like a cool little piece of gear. I spent lots of time and $$ setting up my 3V system, which has been used only a hand full of times. If only something simple and cost effective like this was available as an "off the shelf" option when I was setting up I would have jumped on it. None...
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    CO2 Reg freezing up at low pressure

    Hi All, I have a bit of a CO2 reg issue. We use CO2 in our winery to gas down the head spaces of the wine tanks to purge out the air/O2 in the headspace to limit oxidation, as such we have a CO2 bottle (F size I think, fits a hand trolley perfectly) with a CO2 reg on it and a simple hose on...
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    2 lt flask $5

    Yep I noticed these in store last night, bloody hell they are poorly made. if you want one, buy the real thing from your local Lab supplier for about $20-30. Enough said
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    Keezer set up

    Looks great.....except those two E's signs need to go. I like the idea of the foam behind the timber collar. Pok
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    Putting taps on a brick wall

    Looks awesome!
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    Comment by 'pokolbinguy' in media '74. delete'

    Holy moly I just wet my pants....
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    Kegking co2 reg fs $20+ ph

    If Sada pulls out for some strange reason I will give it a home straight away. Cheers, Pok
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    Looking for Pin Lock keg posts.

    Hi Wilko, How many are you after? I swapped over a few kegs from pin to ball but I did sell a few of the posts so not sure how many I have. In fact scored a beer font out of it from memory. Let me have a look (they are at my Dad's place) and I can let you know if I have any left. I think I...