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    Brew fridge (free)

    Bump. This goes on the nature strip next weekend if not snapped up
  2. Pennywise

    Brew fridge (free)

    Cmon peeps FREE, I'd like this go to good use rather than end up on the nature strip
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    Brew fridge (free)

    Afternoon, I have 1 working fridge that I no longer have the need for. It is free to who ever wants to come and collect it. Needs a clean inside that's about it. Fridge only. Located Caroline Springs VIC.
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    Sterilising Equipment and Bottles

    I've been using Sod Perc to clean for years, and Starsan to sanitize for just as long. I recommend it highly
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    WTB: BeerBelly Rectangular Falsie W/Base

    FYI BeerBelly have gotten back to me, just wanted to put that out there, they must be busy. And thanks GoodDuck I am am interested
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    WTB: BeerBelly Rectangular Falsie W/Base

    I've been wanting to buy brand new but BeerBelly is OOS and I've not heard anything from emails sent to them, soooo if anyone has one for sale in Melb (I'm west but happy to travel a little either way) send me a PM or reply here. I'm building a new mash tun and the BB Falsie is spot on for what...
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    VICBREW 2013

    It was a Belgian saison
  8. Pennywise

    VICBREW 2013

    sheets received, thanks again to the helpers and organizers, pretty happy with most of the feedback. Thanks manticle for being so thorough I appreciate it :) prolly one of the most complete score sheets I've received in the three years and maybe ten beers I've entered
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    help, my beer isn't very good.

    What is it you dont like about your brews?
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    Ideas for 1st extract

    A cal common is pretty straight forward if you have some temp control
  11. Pennywise

    WTF Is This? Beer From A Wheelie Bin?

    wouldn't surprise me if it cost him that much for the set up. Gas bottle $300, reg $100, fittings and line $100, wheelie bin $30...... ummmmm ice, $300????
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    VICBREW 2013

    Big thanks to those who helped out and organizers. Looking forward to the judging notes to see where I went wrong :rolleyes:
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    Wheat beer recipe

    What did you end up going with mate?
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    Question about poppet valves

    looks like the last one here but way too short
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    Christmas in July 2013 Lotto

    poor keif lol