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    FS MELB: Ball lock kegs

    All gone. Enjoy them Merri Mashers
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    FS MELB: Ball lock kegs

    Thanks for the volley of PM's guys. They may all be sold to the first enquirer, but any leftovers will go to those who've PM'd. I'm afraid some people will miss out. I'm not prepared to go under $70 each either - I paid $90 when they were much easier to find...
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    FS MELB: Ball lock kegs

    Forgot to say located in Essendon.
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    FS MELB: Ball lock kegs

    Now that my significant other and I have bought and moved into a new place, I should get rid of my surplus gear. I have for sale 6 kegs holding pressure. $70 each. Not Chinese knock off kegs, purchased from the USA 5 years ago. Barely used since. All gaskets and poppets were replaced at the...
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    Homemaker Chest Freezer Suddenly Not Working

    Hi Guys, Long time no visit! Uni life has driven me away from the hobby for a couple of years, but with less than a year to go I will hopefully be back into it again in the not too distant future... I have a problem that needs some attention though. My keg chest freezer (no collar, just pluto...
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    Theakstone's Old Peculier

    How did you go? I've still got some in a keg! I ended up aging half of it on oak and overdid it, and tried to blend it out later to make it more subtle. It's mellowed with age, but damn, had it really been over 3.5 years since I brewed it?! Must make another!
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    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    I just wanted to express my thanks also Tony. When the weather begins to turn I'll be getting my hands dirty planting out all the varieties.
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    Basic Brewing Radio - Offline?

    Sorry for the delay Snow, I don't read the board as much as I used to... James responded to my e-mail and we sorted it out. Hopefully everyone else is no-longer having problems.
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    Got the details Tony? I'd love to try this miracle fruit that's meant to be an incredible experience.
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    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    I think I've finally found a solution to my brushtail possum problem... he's going to think again about eating my capsicums when I've got some 7 Pots growing!
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    Basic Brewing Radio - Offline?

    I still can't access the podcast nor website and I've just shot an e-mail to James.
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    2008 Hop Plantations

    I've lost half my Vienna Gold due to the heat. I watered it well during the heat wave, but the top rung couldn't handle the afternoon sun despite being told to put in "full sun". I've got it on a veranda that faces West. In future years I think I'm going to grow it under a shade cloth...
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    Critique My Design

    Why would you go to so much trouble designing a frame and then use a bucket to move your hot water and wort around? Just make it a 3 tier system and you'll be laughing. HLT definitely at the highest point, MLT lower and kettle lower still. It wouldn't be too much extra work to creat a step...
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    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Is this a homemade drier or a dehydrator? I'd love to dry some habs but have found they tend to rot before drying if using a simple ristra.