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    2010 Hop Plantations

    My tiny first year cascade harvest.. hopefully they were ready to pick, felt papery and had a little bit of browning on the leaves.
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    2010 Hop Plantations

    How do you tell the correct time to pick the cones? I have a small ammount of decent looking cones on my first year chinook at the moment.
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    2010 Hop Plantations

    I noticed some cones on my first year chinook the other day.. ..suprising because the base of the plant looks pretty eaten or something.. Had to put up a little wire fence to stop all the neighbourhood cats stratching and crapping in there. My first year cascade looks a lot healthier and...
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    New To Home Brew

    Hey GMK, dont suppose you have the recipe that was used? I find the blue mountain lager to be very nice with 1kg Light Dry Malt Extract and some cascade hops, goes well with the US-56 yeast.
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    Couple Of Questions About Purging And Storing Kegs

    I have heard oxidised beer tastes like wet cardboard, is this an accurate description so that I can look out for it? (Had already transported the keg the other day). Think I might pick up a portable keg charger or some sort just to purge like you suggested. I clean the kegs at my parents house...
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    Couple Of Questions About Purging And Storing Kegs

    I have moved into a small unit where I dont have any taps outside etc to wash out fermenters so I brew at my parents then stick it in a keg and transport the keg to my unit to stick in the fridge. My first question: Is it ok to transport my filled keg without purging the headspace with CO2 in...
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    Kegging Setups

    If you get a few I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of them also :beerbang:
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    Ginger Beer And Apple Cider

    Blackrock apple cider with 6 grated red apples and brew blend #15 (light malt dextrose and corn syrup) turned out bloody great.
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    Perth Beer Shop Situation Vacant

    Hmm having to bullshit about wines sounds like hard work. The staff discount sound appealing though.
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    Keg Maintenance

    Holding a pressurised keg under water in the pool works too :P
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    Kramer's Bar Area

    Cut out that big white load bearing support, it will get in the way of taking pool shots :P
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    Us56 Dry Yeast

    Used this yeast with Muntons blonde beer kit and 1.5kg amber malt extract and some hops, turned out very nice
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    Girlfriend Remote

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    Thermostat Control

    How hard is the jaycar kit to put together? Any soldering?
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    Rooftop Red Lager

    One of my favourite beers at the moment.