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    Commercial Mash Tun - Spent Grain?

    Sera I was involved in the installation of the twin stream brew house at Yatala a few years ago and it is much like a lot of home brewerys in a lot of ways (I still look at the P&IDs for ideas from time to time). The lauter tun is a series of perferated screens that once the sparge is...
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    For Sale - Hop Rhizomes

    mine arrived through the week cheers Derrick
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    Vac Sealer - Repair

    QLDKev If you are concerned look for a lable somewhere that has a picture of a square inside a square. If it dosn't have this you are right in saying it needs to be earthed. Bit hard to earth plastic however so I dare say it is double insulated.
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    Pt100 Probes

    Sully I use a couple of these and a couple of probes I have sourced from my instrumentation supplier. The main diffrence is the level of finish. The cheap Hong Kong ones were only two wire and about 15mm long sheath. I converted them to three wire and generaly use them "in flow" encased in...
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    Ss Tig Welding

    I agree with getting any welds on the cold side not directly involved with the boil done professionaly however my Tig is one of the most used tools I own. Once you own a welder you can't live with out it.
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    Ss Tig Welding

    Not much. Usualy between 40 and 80A depending on thickness. Stainless is one of the easier metals to weld but true sanitary welding is an artform that is very difficult if you plan on welding anything on the cold side. Cheers Derrick
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    Building New Home

    about 100L capacity but usualy brew about 60L. 2 elements are in HLT and 2 in kettle but the control system only alows 40A consumption total.
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    Building New Home

    Wallace I am also building a house and one of the first things located on the block is the new shed. Brewery, fermenting and cold rooms are all in sandwich panel and the floors are epoxy coated with floor drains. Needless to say enough power for everything (my brewery uses 4 @ 4800w and 1...
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    Electric Kettle Element Ratings page 10 of the electrical componants page
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    Electric Kettle Element Ratings

    Tony It would be very difficult as the temperature will be pretty much constant regardles of boil intensity (mine tends to move less than a couple of 10ths of a degree). The SSR I use cost about the same as the normal input version and came with the POT. I think it was about $80 with heat...
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    Electric Kettle Element Ratings

    The 9600W is an issue that stops me brewing at the moment as we are in a rental while we build our new house (and more inportantly the new shed). The entire brewery is electric with two 4800W in the HLT and 3600W RIMS tube. My elements are just the Grimwood hot water heater elements. They...
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    Electric Kettle Element Ratings

    Tony My Kettle is custom 120L however most brewing I do is worked around 60L left at the end of boil. I use two 4800W elements controlled by a pot input zero crossover SSR. Once boil is reached (or just before) the pot is reduced to about 50 - 60% for a good rolling boil with no cover. Just...
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    Cherry Wheat Beer

    The freezing is more about rupturing the cells and helping the cherrys go squishy. As far as anti-bacterial the plain cherry wit is about 12 months old and no off flavour ( 6 months @ ambiant) but this may just be luck. I did give the fruit a rinse under the tap however to make sure there...
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    Cherry Wheat Beer

    KHB This is something I have done each year for the last couple of years. All the batches are based on my standard wit. I then add 5 kg of fresh cherrys that I have frozen into a 20L batch. I put them in still frozen, de-stemed and scored but not pitted. It then sits on the fruit for at...