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Wtb Cheap Perlick Tap/taps

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Chasing one, two or three perlick taps.

Mainly interested in 525SS.

So if you have a few spare taps laying around show me what you got :)


i just purchased 3 from america, you're probably better off buying them craft brewer or out of america
beertapstore ebay store, cheap and good service

or local if you want them fast and prepared to pay more

or keg king knock offs :unsure:
Yeah i waiting until the end of the year to buy three 545 Stainless forward sealing flow control Perlicks at the moment im just chasing a cheap tap that pours well that i can use until i get the 545's. Although i see punkins got some flow controllers in the retail section that may pair up with the Perlick 525SS which would make balancing the system allot easier than adjusting beer line lenghts.

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