Sandgroper Christmas Case 2009

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Yep, another Wheaty here, but i'd hesitate to say that it's not going to be like anyone elses...



Any guesses?
So that makes about 20 wheaties LOL Guess what I made :rolleyes:

Wow I was planning an American Hefe, but thought it was tasting crap so have gone for a robust porter. Previous one was great so hopefully this is also. In saying that it has been in the fermenter for 2 two weeks and I have have not even looked at it other than to check the temp. Was rather pale compared to the last brew (same recipe) so be interesting what it turns out like.

I really hope I do not trade sh*t.
So that makes about 20 wheaties LOL Guess what I made

You guys have to be kidding ! WTF is wrong with you? 20 wheaties <_<

why oh why so many wheats? I'm tempted to share my case with only the Captain. And for once I'm not doing a big Belgian
What is worse the pickled eggs or deep fried mars bars done in turkey oil ? :huh:

Both are delish, as is the pickling juice :lol:

I'm going to bring along oreos for the frier again, as well as a few other things to try including ravioli, poptarts and spam :D I fully intend to wander around the supermarket looking for other potentially interesting items that could be fried too.

Anyone game for deep fried beer?
Cool. Dont forget to get some oil as well in the supermarket. It would be a shame if the turkey ended up "Beached as, Bro".
I think Darryn said we were meant to bring 2L of oil, what type?
Spotted a big yellow sign on my travels on Albany Highway at the Cannington Fresh Markets

"Vegetable Oil $5.99 for 2L"

I'm not in the market for this kind of thing much is it a good deal?
I think this case swap is determined to out me as a rubbish brewer. Firstly I was not happy with how my American Wheat was travelling so I decided to do a Robust Porter (not a bad idea considering all the wheats being brewed). The colour of the Porter is some what paler than the exact recipe I did just two brews previously (hopefully it will darken as the yeast etc settle), no problem I can live with all that.

However last night I go into the brew shed and I can smell beer, think I will just look in the fermentation fridge, open it up it is warm in there. It seems that the Altbeir that I was lagering indoors and then took outside to CC next to my Porter has decided to leak, in fact half a cube has emptied into my fridge and shorted the thing out. This has all happened sometime between Sat morning and last night, good thing it was not hot on the weekend!

Oh well, will all be bottled Saturday for the case swap.

Question. Do most Supermarkets sell the PET bottles?
cubbie: What a story :p

My local Coles is generally plentiful in the boxes of Coopers PET bottles :)
I hope you guys don't enter my beer in any competitions, it would be hard to compete against myself.LOL

Hey Captn, would you like us to kick in a bit of cash to the house to cover the turkey and to allow your deep frying imagination free a bit ? I'm sure a tenner isn't too much to ask and will at least cover some of the costs - and I'll feel less guilty necking your RIS :)

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