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Pin lock fittings

Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by djackal, 17/3/19.


  1. djackal

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    Posted 17/3/19
    Hi all,

    I recently bought a couple pin lock kegs off Gumtree and some disconnects off kegland.
    Today I tried to hook these up but the disconnects seem to be too 'deep' for the kegs. They don't sit securely and they don't lock down to allow the transfer of gas or liquid.
    I've read that there are different types of pin lock kegs (US and Aus), however I'm not sure if this is the case here.
    Any advice would be helpful as although I'll eventually go back to ball locks i'd like to use these kegs to clean beer lines etc. down the track so want them in action.


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  2. Crakkers

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    Posted 17/3/19
    I think the top part of the posts on those kegs has a smaller diameter than those disconnects are used for.
    I ran into a similar problem when I bought some more pinlock kegs online. When they arrived, I noticed the posts were wider than my original ones.
    I ended up getting some of those plastic disconnects like in your photo to suit the new kegs.
    I'm not home for a couple of weeks, so I can't measure them for you, but yours sure look like the smaller ones. So I reckon you're going to need to try and find some of the old stainless disconnects, which are not only getting bloody hard to find, but also cost around 70 odd dollars a pair.
    You could try these guys -
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