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From the Dominion Post

Beer fed to circus animals
29 March 2005

A circus touring in the South Island is having problems with people feeding beer to its animals.
A lion from the Whirling Bros Circus was found early yesterday biting the neck of a glass beer bottle, his paws wrapped around the bottom.

Circus owner Tony Radcliffe said the incident was disgusting and only quick thinking to get the glass bottle out of the lion's mouth saved him from injury.
"I just grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed it at him because I knew that would force him to jump and drop the bottle."

Police are investigating the incident, which also involved a can of beer being thrown at an elephant.
The elephant went to drink the beer, but discarded it and trampled the can.

Mr Radcliffe said the touring circus was targeted on Saturday and Sunday night. At one stage a group of drunk people had tried to damage a circus car and later threw a bottle through an open door into Mr Radcliffe's home. They were tampering with one of the circus cars and my partner went out and confronted them. She told them not to come back, but within two minutes we had a bottle thrown into our bedroom."
Police were called to the scene on Sunday night and investigations were continuing yesterday.
The circus experienced similar problems in February while visiting Gore. A group of drunken youths at the Gore A & P Association show teased the lions while another drunk man tried to get into the elephant enclosure. A fight broke out when circus staff intervened and residents went to Mr Radcliffe's aid. The Press

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