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Hi guys, just wondering if any of you know a good kit recipe for a helles style beer? Im a bit of a newbie, so what stuff would I want to add?
I have made a kit munich heles that took 1st place in it's category at teh ACT State Championships.

Recipe is as follows:
Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsner can
1 kg of Dextrose
Make to 18ltrs.
Ferment for 2 weeks with S23 at 10 degrees - but i now prefer S189.
I currently have a double batch using 2007 Pilsner yeast going in the primary at the moment.
Do a diacetyl rest for last 2 days - warming it upto 24 degrees.

Rack into secondary - Dry hop with 40 gms of SAAZ pellets.
After 2 weeks, Rack to CC Cube and place in the fridge for 4-6 weeks.
Bottle or keg....

...Then drink and enjoy.
actually to be tru to style with a munich helles no saaz even though it is a good hop

Use hallertua or tettnanger as in Munich they wouldnt use czech hops

And not grow czrch hops in the area they have their own in that area
1 kg of Dextrose

I'm sure it's a great beer (with points on the board), but surely there is something else that would be more interesting to mix with a kit than 1kg of dextrose and a handfull of hops. I've never brewed a Helles so possibly talking out of my ar.....

Here is some info that may suggest going for a light favourless kit and giving it your own malt character with some seeped grain and some hops. I would stick to GMK's yeast advice as it will give a great character to your beer, rather than the dry packet that will come with your kit.

found this info

Beer Styles
Germany - Munich Helles

Tasting Notes

Helles, often referred to as "light Munich," is a mildly hopped, malty, well-balanced pale to golden- to straw-colored beer. It is not as dry as Pilsner but is closer to the Dortmunder style, though lower in alcohol and with some sweetness. The malt sweetness, often described as almost a caramel taste, is the mark of this beer. Helles is maltier and less hoppy than dunkel; yet, like dunkel, it is sweet, lightly hopped, and has a nose that is straight malt.

Ingredients used to brew Munich helles include two-row pale malt and Munich and crystal malts at levels not generally exceeding 2 to 5%. The hops commonly used are Hallertau Mittelfrh, Saaz, Hallertauer, Spalter, Perle, and Tettnanger. Soft water with a low mineral content and low carbonate content is essential to accentuate the malt and the hop flavors.

adding a little seeped grain (munich) will give your kit a fresher (yummy) taste.
I understand what u r saying - but it was and still is a very cheap easy beer to make.

One of the judges runs BYOAH - HBS in Canberra - he was amazed.

He asked my permision to give the recipe out to his customers and sells it as a made up kit - gets them into different yeasts and dry hopping /racking - has allways received rave reviews and no complaints.

The request was for a kit recipe - not a partial.
Those guidelines were what they judged my beer with.

I also used Rain Water.
Was thinking of the first time I purchased some grain and seeped it in hot water, adding the liquid to a kit. It wasn't a proper partial mash but it was fun playing with something other than a packet of dried stuff. It opened the eyes to other possiblities.

Maybe 500grams of munich grain seeped in boiled water for 30 minutes. Strain through a sterile stocking and add to the kit mix. Go the dry hops, even if it's not to style, have to agree with GMK (I'm following his dry hop advice and the current drinking pint owes credit to DMK's dry hopping advice). I wouldn't exclude the dextrose (maybe replace with a very pale/light dry or liquid malt) for the seeped grain, rather the seeped grain is a value add to the recipe :D
Thanks for the help guys. I think Ill be trying your recipe GMK. Im a bit surprised that just using dextrose could make such a good beer. Just a couple of questions. To do the diacetyl rest, all you have to do is heat it up to 24 degrees for two days? And with the dry hopping, just add the hops to a mug of hot water, let sit for 15 mins, then throw into the secondary fermenter? Finally, what is a CC cube?
CC - cold conditioning.
Usually in a cube form, as it takes up less space in the fridge than a standard round fermenter.

Dreamboat is correct.

Morry u have it down pat.

Make it that way first - then try some different things later - ie mashing some grain etc.

Happy to receive feedback after u have brewed and tasted.
Thanks for that. As soon as the brew I am making at the moment is finished, Ill give your recipe a go. Might have to buy myself a beerfridge too.

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