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Hi everyone, as you may be aware, the next club meeting is out at Moo Brew, as the guys have been kind enough to give up some of their spare time to show us around the brewery.
The meeting is at 6pm on the 20th of Jan, so get it in your calendars!

One thing they have asked for is an indication on numbers, so if you could RSVP to me either:
the sooner you RSVP the better!

Club organised outing such as this really make your club membership worthwhile, so if you have been to a couple of the meetings and haven't decided on if to join or not, remember your membership includes:
  • Outings such as this;
  • Free entry into club run competitions;
  • Monthly BYO magazines (this alone pretty much covers your membership fee)!
  • Discounted state competition entries;
  • Club newsletters;
  • Chance to participate in club organised bulk buys;
  • Monthly meetings where industry professionals give talks on all things beer, (and soon to be cider and mead) related;
  • Hop rhizome swapping opportunities; plus
  • The chance to talk shop with other like minded individuals.

We will also be announcing the rules for the newest club run competition, which will be great fun!


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