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Palmerston, ACT
Hi all,

We moved house from Blackburn to Nunawading on Australia Day weekend. We had one of our 2 cats go missing on the second night (he busted a flyscreen to get out).

I've created an ad on gumtree to try collect any and all information possible as we'd love to be reunited with him.

I got a message on Facebook last night to say someone had spotted him on 3/2 near Mallauna College in Mitcham.

If any of you see him, or could share the ad/info with any friends or family in the area, I'd be really grateful.



Perhaps you ought let the new tenants / owners of your old place know, just in case the cat tries to find its way 'home'. Is Mitcham anywhere on the way from Blackburn to Nunawading?

Good luck and I hope you find him.
Thanks guys. Yep have all of old neighbours on the look out. He seems to have gotten east and west confused, he's heading in the opposite direction :(
Hope you find him/her soon Brad. I lived in Donvale (went to Mullauna) and my jack russell and german koolie went awol for three days before finding them on Mitcham rd. Bloody Nunawading fireworks was the cause also. Maybe grab a can and spoon and walk the neighbourhood / local parks in case he's come back that way? Best of luck mate
Don't know anyone that way but best of luck getting him back, Brad.
If you don't find him I have one you can have :ph34r:

Best of luck
Shameless bump. Still haven't heard anything yet.

Will be putting up fliers in the area tonight as part of my "fitness" regime...
Sorry for your loss.

Have you tried the local councils/pounds? I helped a neighbour get his cat back a few years back. It had been gone for a couple of weeks. Hopefully theres still a chance. I have 2 cats, 1 went missing, but came back after a week covered in scratches and cobwebs. So i kinda know what your going through.
I really hope your re-united, cos they are part of the family after all.

Good luck.

Thanks for that mate. I haven't rung them for a while, but I guess it cannot hurt to give it another go.


Sorry Brad, I gotta do it.

Is it anything like a lost puppy? (It's an old clasic)
Lost puppy.jpg

And how many variants of this poster are floating around? (It's another that is an oldy but a goody)
@Malted righto :D My arse is 1/5 of that!!

@Liam this is one of the awesome things about him. He'd get a bug up his arse about once or twice a week and go batshit crazy. You could tell he was having a ball, his tail would fluff up like a bottle brush. Eye's pinging like Puss in Boots from Shrek