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I was going through the brew cupboard on the weekend
and found the following ingredients, that I'm looking to create a lager style with.

I have a coopers bavarian lager
1/2 kilo liquid wheat malt
can of coopers wheat malt
wyeast 2206 bavarian lager yeast

I'm just after some advice on whether or not to add some extra hops, and if so which variety, and how much ?

I once made a fantastic Bavarian hefe-weizen that tasted great with 28g Northern Brewer hops for bittering and 28g Hallertauer (german) for aroma (last 2 mins of boil). However, I used Weinstephan liquid yeast, so I didn't want to over-hop. Depending on how malty you beer is, you may want to add more aroma hop. I'm assuming your Bavarian Lager tin is pre-hopped, so you may not need too much bittering hops for your wheat malt.

Cheers - Snow.
the ingrdients sound fine.

However, i would leave out the 500gms of wheat malt and just add the can of coopers wheat malt.

I would add 15 grams of Tetnang for the boil approx 20 mins.
Then i would dry hop in the secondary with Saaz - 25 grams for 2 weeks.

Hope this helps.

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