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Hi all,

Looking to do a Kronenbourg 1664 style of beer and have come up with the following recipe:

1.7kg Coopers European Lager
1.5kg Light Dry Malt
250g Dextrose
250g Maltodextrin
50g Strisselspalt dry hopped
Made up to 26L

While any thoughts on these ingredients would be appreciated, my main question is what yeast to use. To this point I have only used dry yeasts, US05 and S23, but would like to try a liquid yeast in this one. I was thinking maybe Wyeast 2001?

At a guess i wouldnt go the urquell strain (2001)

As kronenbourg is part of the carlsberg brand, could it be (start paste) wy2124 | Bohemian Lager?

This Carlsberg type yeast is the most widely used lager strain in the world. This strain produces a distinct malty profile with some ester character and a crisp finish. A versatile strain, that is great to use with lagers or Pilsners for fermentations in the 45-55F (8-12C) range. It may also be used for Common beer production with fermentations at 65-68F (18-20C). A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.

Flocculation: Medium-low
Attenuation: 73-77%
Temperature Range: 45-68F, 8-22C
Alcohol Tolerance: 9% ABV

Going to get the attenuation you wont get on the urquell strain - looking at the specs it claims an 11.5 plato OG (1.045-6ish). therefore to get the 4.5% it boasts you're looking at a FG of 1012 - will you get this with kit, extract and, esp. the addition of maltodextrin?

Love the amount of dry hop though. I question though because if you were to look at the commercial example, a lot of the perceived aroma and flavour comes from the noble hop: Strissel Spalt's use earlier on in the boil (bitterness).

Apologies for the rushed answer, gotta run. Good luck.
If you want dry, S23 or S189.

Liquid.... danish lager?
Thanks for the replies. had to put my online order in before your replies came in, so went with the 2001 yeast. Plugging everything into ianh's spreadsheet it suggests a OG of 1049 and an FG of 1013, so we'll see how it turns out.

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