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Keg King Kegerator + kegs + gas bottle and more - Central Coast, NSW.

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Central Coast
Hi all,

my trusty twin tap kegerator has been in storage for 3 years so I think its time to sell. All in fine working condition with everything in the pics included plus some more. Includes:

Keg King Kegerator originally bought from Grape and Grain
Updated taps (from memory Perlick SS forward sealing)
Updated quality gas quick connectors to allow 3 post-mix kegs to be connected.
Awesome blackboard beer tap handles (feel free to keep the Freedom Frothie design for your next APA)
Large gas bottle (still half full i think)
Gas Regulator. NOTE: One of the gauges got bent when moving house slightly, not sure if this would cause an issue, might pay to buy a new one.
6 x second hand post-mix kegs.
Stainless Steel drip tray.
castor wheels (not attached)

Also have a lot of miscellaneous gear that can be included for free since I'm not brewing anymore/ need the space and cash for my next venture/ too lazy to post multiple adds. Includes Large Erlenmeyer flask used for imperial stout starters, mix plate, refractometer, SS hop basket for brewing and aerating kit, fridge temp controller and large standing fridge used for fermenting.

$450 pickup only, Woy Woy Central Coast, NSW.

Give my baby a good home, she has looked after me well over the years.




Hi Mate, Ill take it. PM sent
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