Interesting Coopers Kit Mix :)

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Mo Bitta, Mo Betta!
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Ok, so I've got nothing but plain kit beer left, I'm bored and I tried this out.

It's a 50/50 mix in-the-glass mixture ala "black & tan" I poured from the following:

Beer A - Coopers Canadian Blonde kit mixed to 22L with 1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer 1 as per instructions and about 75g of glucose. Supplied dry yeast pitched.
Kegged and force-carbonated early this week.

Beer B - 2x Coopers Real Ale cans mixed with nothing but water to 23L. Supplied yeast pitched (krausen FROM HELL as usual! :eek: ).
Bottle conditioned from 4/10/05.

50/50 mix in the glass......OMG, it's great! :chug:

I've had a James Squire Amber Ale and a JS Pilsener tonight, this is much better suited to my palate...I love it!

Bitter, malty, great with a smoke :)

Now to try and replicate it in a single brewIm thinking 45L in my new SS fermenter using the standard ingredients listed above and pitching only the yeast supplied with the Blondeobviously it wont be exactly the samewell just have to see :beerbang:

I mixed 50/50 coopers canadian blonde and morgans amber ale once, it was great! :D

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