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hi, friends
Inkbird Digital Thermometer Hygrometer ITH-10 Giveaway 🙌
I will choose 2 winners

The Winners will be drawn randomly on This Saturday(8.13 ).

(Temperature& Humidity, Suitable for the home, greenhouse, office and laboratories so on)
If you like, here is the link:👇👇The giveaway rules are here:
1.Live in AU
2. Enter and reply this post
3. Two Winners will be selected on 2022-8-13
Good luck to you all. 😇
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Another good Inkbird product, would add to my Sous vide, fermentation temperature controller, cooking thermometer and my BBQ Go wireless BBQ thermometer.
Looks the goods I am just about to move into a new house and this will let me scope out and put dibs on the space for fermenting or conditioning before the trouble and strife fills the space with random cushions:rolleyes::cool:

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