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James Squire

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Hi all,

Still a newb to brewing at the moment but pretty keen to advance quickly. As a result of this I've just bought my first lot of Hop pellets so i can have my first experiment with designing a nice tasting brew.

Come home with some Hallertau and Saaz pellets and some Light LME. At home i have a Black Rock Export Pilsner can and some Safale K-97 yeast, so i was thinking of throwing something together with the ingredients at hand.

Any thoughts on something like this: (remember i've never done anything like this yet! :blink: )

3 Litres boiling water, throw in LME and 25g Hallertau and boil 15min...
Throw in 15g Saaz and boil 1min...
Into fermenter with Pilsner can and top up to 20Litres...
Pitch K-97....

Any thoughts? Will the K-97 go alright with this mix? Too much hops... not enough???

Tasty brew would you think?


LME is 1 kg - then add 5 lltrs of water and boil for 20mins.
Add 15gms of Hall at start of boil - remaining 10gms 3 min from end.
Use the Saaz for dry hopping in the secondary.

K-97 is allright.... should taste good.

1.5kg LME!

With the dry hopping, just use 15g of Saaz pellets or more? I take it that this is more for aroma and not bittering?


Be careful with the saaz pellets, I have found they CAN become super grassy tasting for upto 6 months.

I ever add them for aroma, I would use a plug instead.

If you want the saaz aroma from the pellets maybe boil them for 5 mins..

JUST MY EXPERIANCE, Others will probably disagree.

Maybe do it the other way around, saaz then halleratu?
Sorry Slugger,

Excuse my newbness! I don't understand "a plug"?

Whats the difference between a plug and a pellet?

with my "L" plates on!
--Hops come in three forms: Pellets, Loose Cones, and Compressed Plugs.
--Pellets are the easiest to use: simply add to boil, no straining required. Pellets also store better than loose and compressed plugs.
--Loose hops are the raw form and should be strained out of wort after boil.
--Plugs are simply a version of loose hops that have been compressed into a disc-like form to enhance their storage properties. They are also easy to measure, as all plugs are processed into 1/2 oz. size units. They, too, should be strained out

goggled from here:
Perhaps i should do a combination of boiling and dry hopping with the Saaz...

Maybe go for 15g Hall @ start of boil... then
10g Saaz with the 10g Hall @ 3 min left to boil
and dry hop in secondary with another 10g Saaz and see how that goes?

Thoughts appreciated....

Sorry for all the Q's,


Can you make this cold, as a Black Rock Export Pilsner would be good to lager and great to drink on a hot Jan-Feb day?

Just change yeast to SAFLAGER W-34/70 and keep it below 15.

Hey Luke,

Not yet confident in my ability to keep the brew cool enough to use a lager yeast hence my intention to use an ale yeast with the pils.

Haven't aquired myself a brewing fridge yet... could use water in the bath i guess but its just easier for me to maintain a 20c temp all day than it is to keep it cool. One day....


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