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Those guys that are opening micro's maybe you should get some topless waitresses?,10117,12862644-28793,00.html

A NORTH Queensland pub with topless barmaids was awarded a $500,000 regional grant, but a proposal in the same area to improve water quality was overlooked.
An inquiry into alleged Federal Government pork-barrelling on the Atherton Tableland, west of Cairns, heard yesterday that private businesses were awarded grants in direct competition, and without the knowledge, of other businesses. In one case, a $200,000 grant was offered to a Tolga business to help build a house.

Another $200,000 grant was awarded to develop a caravan park at Kalamunda, eight months before a development application was considered by Atherton Shire Council.

The grants are being investigated by the Senate's finance and public administration committee.

The Atherton Hotel, known locally as the Stump Hotel, was awarded a $500,000 grant to build a conference hall under the Government's controversial sustainable regions scheme in November 2003.

But the hotel's competitors said the taxpayer-funded extension which is yet to be built would be used for poker machines and other pub activities.

The pub currently had topless barmaids on Wednesday nights, the inquiry in Cairns was told.

"If they want to do it with their own money (they can), not if they are going to get $500,000 so they can extend the area for topless barmaids," said Michael Nasser, who runs the nearby Barron Valley Hotel.

Mr Nasser said proper checks were not carried out and the grant was awarded against guidelines that prohibit projects competing with existing businesses.

Atherton Shire councillor Len Curtis said regional grants were meant to benefit the whole region, not selected individuals.

"I have no problem with the funding at all, it's just the way it has been managed," he said.

"The caravan park (at Kalamunda) was not even approved when the money was given."

Dimbulah Reticulated Water Supply Action Group spokesman Dennis McKinley told the inquiry he was disgusted approaches for funding to fix the town's water problems were dismissed.

"I believe the Federal Government has an obligation to provide the very basic commodity of life," he said.

"(But) we were never given the opportunity to put forward a submission in real terms."

In other developments, Tolga Woodworks proprietor Trevor Allwood told the inquiry how a competitor was offered a $200,000 grant which has not been accepted to relocate within 50m of his business. Mr Allwood said the money would have been used to build a new factory, showroom and a residence.

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