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How Many Kegs Per Co2 Bottle

Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by Cortez The Killer, 12/3/08.


  1. shadders

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    Posted 5/3/11
    Just tried to calculate it... Dunno if I got it right.

    1.93 grams CO2 per litre at 1 atm = 38 grams to fill a 20L keg (inc headspace).

    at 2.2 volumes that's about 84 grams to carbonate.

    Dispense usage would depend on serving pressure.

    at 50kpa a fully dispensed keg should hold 1.5 keg volumes of CO2 if allowed to expand until it reaches atmospheric pressure = 57 grams.

    at 70 kpa = 65 grams

    so a carb and dispense for one keg = 141 grams

    6.8kg / 0.141 = 48 kegs

    at 70kpa dispense pressure = 45 kegs

    assuming no wastage and no usage for transfers etc.

    usage for a transfer would be same calc as for dispense usage I guess... This is assuming you're burping the receiving keg to let it flow all the way through.
    ((Transfer pressure + 100kpa) / 100kpa) * 38 grams
    so the slower you are willing to transfer the less gas you'll use.

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