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Have seen a few beer ice cream recipes floating @ so decided to try an icecream using beer ingredients.

Used basic icecream recipe as base:

1 cup cream
3 cups milk
10 egg yolks ( the inspiration for making this icecream, getting 3 and sometimes 4 eggs per day off my 3 chooks )
200g caster sugar

Bring milk/cream up to 72 C then infused 100g caramunich I for 10 minutes. Tasted good but as flavour diminshes with cold decided to add 50g LDME as well.
bring up to scalding.

Beat egg yolks/sugar until yolks pale and pour in hot milk, return to pan. no need to worry about scrambling eggs as they are "cooked" by sugar.

Stir constantly ( don't let boil ) when hot put in 2.5g 12.5% galaxy flowers and keep stirring until thick and coats spoon (@ 10 minutes). I let it cool in pot and then strained cooled and put in icecream machine next day.

Very tasty, full of malty hoppy goodness.

I thought a bit too malty, partner said she thought it was good level. Will try 200g simpsons heritage Xtal next time and no dried stuff.

I liked the hop level as did missus, probably back it off a little for non beer people though. Maybe same amt but throw in at end and steep 15 minutes, then strain/chill.

Going to try a choc icecream next with dark chocolate (80%) and some pale choc grain stepped in milk overnight plus some heritage in the hot milk. Will use some citra hops for this one.

Galaxy was superb flavour, citra ns moteuka would be good as well IMO

That is such a great idea. I guess the main thing to look at would be not letting the Hops making it too bitter.
Tried it out on a few people and all have thought it pretty tasty. Personally i like the small amount of lingering bitterness to counter the malty sweetness, mind you it is pretty rich and cant eat a lot of it.

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