HDA Closure (Probably)

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Sorry to hear Yob, I was planning on paying you a visit soon once things slowed here a bit. But, best of luck with your new ventures. Kick some goals!
**** thats the second one gone.
who am i going to deal with now?
first my grain and misc now my hops.
Jeez Yob. You can't shut shop now I'm starting to brew again. I better get an order in.
Care to elaborate on your possible new venture?
Dealz on Wheelz? Home delivery hopz?
Rather selfishly I'm sad to see HDA wrapping up, but completely understand the work-life balance thing and family always comes first. Keen to learn more about the new venture...if I had to guess it may be something to do with all those ex-port barrels... ;-)

Good luck for the future and thanks for keeping my freezer full to the brim with great hops.
Good luck Jesse,
Let us in on whatever your up to when you are able.

Barrel Dealz Australia?
Good luck mate, like so many I will miss the aroma of fresh deliveries. Did you happen to cross breed that hop already!!!!! Happy for you and the fam best of luck!
Good luck for the future. I always had great service and would recommend to brewing mates. Until then I think I better put a couple more orders through.

I'll say cheers to you when I crack the next fully HDA hopped beer!
The three or four purchases I've made from HDA have kept me well stocked for the last few years, Yob. Have fun on the new venture!

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