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FS - Perth - 100L Brewery and SS Conical Fermenter

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I want this so bad and I'm right there in hammy hill!
Make me an offer checkers, a couple of people interested in the fermenter (just waiting on me getting home from hols) but the brewery is still looking for a home
Fermenter is sold, brewery is still available. Reasonable offers will be considered.

I'd much rather sell it complete, but if anyone is interested in individual components then let me know what you are after and willing to pay, if I get enough interest to sell most of the components that way I will go down that path.
I'm selling my 3 vessel 100L all grain brewing setup, and a 100L stainless steel conical fermenter. Located in southern suburbs of Perth (Cockburn area). Everything is in perfect working order, reason for sale is I am downgrading to a 20L grainfather (I now brew professionally, so I'm not so motivated to spend a day brewing on my weekend anymore...).

The 3v brewery
https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkjxx17n1x9z5zf/2017-03-29 16.46.58.jpg?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7db34gqtzrwsqo8/2017-03-29 16.47.14.jpg?dl=0

All vessels are quality thick base stainless steel
Hot liquor tank comes with sight glass, temp gauge and 3-piece ball valve
Mash tun is wrapped in nitrile insulation, has a temp gauge, a dome false floor (with quick disconnect for cleaning) and 3 piece ball valve, as well as a copper coil mounted on the lid for sparging
Kettle has a 3 piece ball valve
All on a 3 tier stainless steel stand, which is on castors for easy moving
Mounted and plumbed on the frame are 2 x pumps, and 2 x heat exchangers
Thermometer on the heat exchanger outlet
All vessels and the manifold on the frame are plumbed with stainless steel quick disconnect fittings
Comes with all the required silicone hoses (with the quick disconnect fittings on the hoses)
Hot liquor and kettle are both heated with 32 jet LPG mongolian burners that are mounted to the frame, comes with regulators and also plumbed with ball valves to regulate heat
Comes with 3 x 8.5kg LPG bottles
Also includes stainless steel mash paddle and timber dip stick for volume readings in mash and kettle
Almost everything is stainless steel (burners and gas plumbing is not) so it will last a lifetime

Everything you need to make about 80L of great quality wort.I'm happy to do a brew with the buyer to go through how to use the kit.

This cost well over $3000 in parts. I'm asking $1800.

100L Stainless Conical Fermenter with cooling jacket
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bds7k1zo6i5pchk/2017-03-29 17.04.43.jpg?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdr4cxmsxd6pu3j/2017-03-29 17.04.57.jpg?dl=0
100L capacity
1.5" tri clove outlets (dump and racking port)
1.5" and 3" ports on the lid (3" is great for dry hopping)
Handles up to about 0.5 bar to transfer under CO2
Has a cooling jacket (http://www.gotta-brew.com/products/conical-cooling-jacket.html) for maintaining temperature during ferment, and cooling at end of ferment. This can be used with either glycol or chilled water.
It is also well insulated

Cost $1200 new, asking $600

Reluctant sale as I put a lot of time and money into building the brewery, but I am not using it often enough to warrant keeping it. PM or post any questions.
Hi is this still for sale

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