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I have a good crop of apples near Bathurst west of sydney, and will be able to sell some juice. The apples are ripened on the tree so will have a sg in the range of1.050 - 1.065. I don't sell juice from fallen apples, only apples picked from the tree. I will be pressing in 2 weeks all being well, and again in March. Early varieties are Kidds Orange Red, twenty ounce (a cooker) cornish gilliflower and some crabapple seedlings which have some tannin. I will also have some buerre bosc pears.
You can choose a single variety if you don't want too much, or a blend (recommended). The juice is for fermenting only, not fresh consumption.

Price $3.00/litre less than 30 Litres, $2.50/Litre 30Litres or more.

In March there will be crabapples which are too small for me to bother with, you can get these on a pick-them-yourself basis if you want extra flavour for your cider, or crabapple jelly. You pick them and I will juice them

PM me if you are interested.

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