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This is building on the Don't you hate it when...thread started by Big D.

Ok, when you guys go low or high with your OG in the kettle (in a big way, I don't mean only 1-2pts ;) ) do any of you then go about doing any corrections on the hop additions to compensate?

Several times now I've ended up low (worst was a hefeweizen aimed at 1053 and got 1038-I didn't change the hop additions on this one because it is so lightly bittered anyway) but normally I have therefore pulled back on the hops a bit. I'm just wondering if others do any adjustments for hop additions when they come in low or high?

:D Just as an aside I'm bolting out of work early today to get started on an oatmeal stout tonight that I've been postponing for a week or more now, going to be a late one but hopefully a good one ;). Weighed out the grains last night, ended up adding 100g too much of roast barley due to a dumb mistake (read the wrong malt off the recipe) but oh well.

Cheers, Justin


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Hey Justin,
I normally don't calculate my hop bill until my sparge is finished and I have a good rolling boil. I then measure OG and hop appropriately.
Hope you had fun with the stout.
I should make a night beer too. The clean-up in the dark must be dreadful though!

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