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Complete Kegerator setup

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Greenslopes, Brisbane
Complete kegging setup: Keg Master Kegerator (series 3) with Perlick stainless steel flow control taps, 6.8kg CO2 bottle, regulator, 5 kegs & heaps more.

Would much prefer to sell as a complete package before breaking things up for individual sale. It's for sale on gumtree but hopefully someone on here will be able to appreciate the full utility/value of the dip tube floats etc. pics at the gumtree ad here: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/greenslopes/fridges-freezers/complete-beer-kegging-setup/1205345878

Keg Master Kegerator (series 3)

Perlick 650 Stainless Steel Flow Control Taps & stainless font.

Micromatic dual gauge CO2 regulator

6.8kg CO2 gas bottle

5x 19L stainless steel kegs (clean and ready for filling)

Font chiller fan

All plumbing and fittings for gas and beer lines.

4x cask widge float setup

Beer filter with spare cartridge


3 years old.

Original new purchase price $2640 ($2092 original invoice plus $550 for bigger CO2 bottle, 2 extra kegs, cask widge floats and beer filter purchased later).

Digital temperature display has some bars missing but you can still tell the temperature once you figure it out. Does not affect cooling performance though. tap handles are clear so you can design and print your own labels.

Literally everything you need to keg your home brew beer and serve it on tap.

Price: $1600 the lot. Posted the original invoice so you can see how the little things add up.

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