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Ipswich, Queensland
Hi all,

I'm attempting to construct my own American IPA tomorrow (first IPA recipe I've tried to do) and was hoping for some feedback from the people who have more of an idea than me (I do more Pale Ale's than anything else).

Steep 30mins:
BrewersChoice Pale Ale/Bitter Grain Pack (Crystal) - 200g
Brewers Choice Lager/Pils Grain Pack (Carapils) - 250g

60min Boil:
1.5kg Light LME

On flameout and with 0min hops add 1kg Light LME, 1kg Wheat LME, 0.5kg Light DME and 0.5kg Dextrose and stand/stir/whirlpool for 20mins.

Hop Schedule:
60g Columbus 45min

30g Centennial 5min
30g Chinook 5min

30g Centennial 0min
30g Chinook 0min

60g Citra dry hop 5 days

Ferment with 1 pack Safale US-05 dry yeast rehydrated.

According to Brewers Friend (1st time user) I've got the following:

OG 1.062
FG 1.012
ABV 6.62%
IBU 70.13 (Tinseth)
SRM 7.8

From what I have read the combination of hops goes well together, but this is my first IPA so looking to get some feedback on hop quantities or any other improvements that might be able to be made.


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