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I did a Dr Smurto Golden Ale with all Brooklyn to 40 IBU's.

10g first wort
10g @ 20mins
10g @ 15 mins
10g @ 10 mins
10g @ 5 mins
15g dry hop for 3 days

Everyone's taste is different and I'm getting prominent passionfruit with a slightly spicy grapefruit flavor and a little pine.

Its like Galaxy and Chinook or Galaxy and Cluster or something.

Unfortunately for me I'm not keen on the the spicy grapefruit side of it.

The bitterness is smooth thats for sure.
Yob said:
correct.. PITA from my point of view...

I love the hop, did a few cubes last year heavily weighted to Broo.. Moutere..

Lush and dank..
Dank, to me, sounds dusty, musty, dirty and sulfury, like certain varieties of "the cousin", from which I'm certain the term was appropriated.
Yeah, I may be the exception, but if I would not wear it as a man-cologne, I do not enjoy drinking the character in a beer.
was about to say flame-suit on, but I'm a big boy and not afraid of sharing an honest opinion, and we all know about opinions...
I mean it like Simcoe and Columbus are Dank, Pungent may be a better word to decribe the aromatic assult you get from hops of this ilk but Dank sits well on my tongue :)
wide eyed and legless said:
Slightly off topic my Da reckons that in the 50's the most popular hop was the Atthe anyone come across this or has this hop also had a name change?
sure it wasnt just a story Atthe pub?
wide eyed and legless said:
I will find out I have the correct spelling.
That'd be great. Always happy to read up on old Hops, can't recall any that sound similar, not that that's an indication of anything though. :)

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