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I was thinking of buying a few books from amazon but the savings after freight and the risk of extra "customs" sound like its not worth it? anyone does this before able to help

classic beer styles,
Pils $9.56 US ($21.95 G&G)
Kolsch $10.47 US ($29.95 G&G)
Designing Great Beers $16.97US ( $49.95 G&G)

at amazon they say to add $6.99 for a book shippment + $4.99 per book US

so its $21.96US freight , + $37US for the books total $58.96US @ $0.72?? conversion its $81.89 AUS (possible customs additions to this?)

via G&G its $101.85 AUS so only a saving of $19.96 but if customs charge then it could be blown out of the water and the additional wait of 20days delivery....

is it worth it?

also found it can be had for $89.10 from a AU site including delivery again a 22day delivery as they come from the US

I ordered 5 books from amazon and they cost me around $30ea including postage.
Customs only comes into it if the duty + GST = AUD$50 or more. Not sure what % duty is on books. Would need to be an order around U$230+ to consider duty.
For $89.10 I would probably go the booktopia option.


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