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If you want to come today, do so after 2.00pm please

Have 2 kegs of radical beer ready, plus a couple of bottles

So rock up all and sundry at time bigD will specify

Jovial Monk
Hi JM,
Can't make it today,
I will catch Big D on the weekend somewhere?
I'll also be calling at your shop one day next week but not for radical beer tasting. :lol: :lol:

Does your"radical" beer mean a radical hangover? :lol: :lol:

Be careful Big D youve got a big weekend in front of you! ! :D :D

Funny you post this under "Humour and Jokes" JM

Should be a good start to your "tour" big D :chug: :chug: :chug:

I agree Murray. Most of the get togethers seem to happen in good ol' Adelaide.
Hmmm the beer is great (if a tad rough at only 9mo) but the $#@& kegging system has developed a fault and need a new tail and nut and a new gas line.

However, can always open keg up and siphin some out if need be

Well, bigD rocked up at the Monkee today. We had a small tasting of a big spiced lager, think bigD had a bit of an eyeopener there.

Loaded him up with lots of WY and WL posters etc.

bigD, I have a bonus card written up with your purchase, will give it to you on Monday--so if you want to do some mail order those purchases can count towards the bonus

Jovial Monk

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