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Hi there,

I have just come across a book called 'Beer - A Gauge for Enthusiasts' by Greg Powell. It was published in 2008 but I only recently saw it for the first time in the shop. Greg gave himself the tough job of tasting about 150 mainly Australian beers, with a few overseas ones thrown in.

In the book there is a short history of brewing, the 'worts and all' of what's really in your beer (including different types of hops), a brief 10 stage process of how beer is made and the right beer for the occasion.

The author breaks down his review of the beers into 5 sections - standard (such as your Tooheys and VB's, although I think his review of Coopers is in the wrong section), Premium (as the name suggests), Diesel (dark/black beers), Biofuel (such as pale ales and wheat beers) and Ethanol (light beers), and gives his opinion on the good and bad points of each beer, colour, carbonation, smell, and most important of all, taste.

One of his top ranking beers is Alpha Pale Ale from Matilda Bay Brewery. Not surprisingly (in my opinion) one of his lowest ranking 'beers' is Barefoot Radler, but I guess that is a beer not aimed at people like me.

It's a really well put together and interesting book. And no, I am not the author, nor do I know him!!