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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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Don't forget guys

In Perth 15th,16th and 17th April

We still have a few city beers Friday the 16th?

You guys pick a venue , I am not all that familiar with the city

Then on to Adelaide !

Streaky Bay ! ( not to far for Arno Bay people to travel )

And Brizzy !

:chug: :chug: :chug:
G'Day Batz,
Will you be in Adelaide first or are you going to Streaky on your way from Perth?
I will be in Adelaide to coincide with your visit and you are more than welcome to call and stay if you want, on your way to or from Streaky to Adelaide.
PM me mate if you want to call in and we will work out the dates.
I'll be up for beers on friday 16th.

In the CBD theres a few good choices:

Westende Belgian Beer Cafe (though on a friday night it'll be very crowded)
Moon & Sixpence (few pommy beers on tap, along with Nail Stout)
Bobby Dazzlers (Nail brewing home, serves Nail Ale)

They're all within 2 mins walk of eachother.
Well I know the last two , and close

I'll be staying in the Wentworth !
I'll be flying over , I'll ask the pilot to land at Arno for a quick homebrew , but he may not be keen
See you in Adealaide anyway
Those commercial pilots just dont understand!
OK it looks like I might be overseas for the Batz world tour in Perth 15 to 17 April. So I am not going to try to organise a bbq and beer swap at my place, cos if I do go away Mrs Guest Lurker aint gonna be happy about having to host it. If I am here I will try to get to the Friday drinks, maybe show Batz a picture of his keg being used for something more appropriate than cooking turkeys.

But I am still keen to organise a Perth Brewers Big Day In, BBQ, Bullshit and Beer Stories, at my place later in the year. Will have commissioned the all grain system by then.
Bugger <_<
Can anyone get time off for a LC brewery trip on the 15th??
Batz said:
Can anyone get time off for a LC brewery trip on the 15th??
If you can shout me the airfare from Adelaide I'm sure I can make it :lol:

Well if I win lotto OK , I fly all the Adelaide brewers to Perth , then all the Perth brewers to Adelaide !

And a brewer mate from way up north as well
Your a legend Batz.

Is that 1st, second or third prize on lotto.... :D
I will be up for a few beers on friday 16th, but can't have a big one - going away on the Saturday. Your call kook. The only one of those I've been to was the Belgian beer cafe where a pint of Hoegaarden is over $12!!!!!!
That was 1st prize :p

Not 3 and a supp. :(
Westende Belgian is expensive, but the beers are worth it :) Theres some average english ales at Moon & Sixpence. It'll be cheaper there, but not as tasty :) Westende will be very crowded on a friday evening though. Likely to have a bit more room at Moon & Sixpence.

I say we leave it up to Batz :)
Moon & Sixpence it is then
way to go batz
hope you win lotto then we all can have one huge drink fest. :D
Moon 'n' sixpence at, say 5pm? Can always have short walk after a couple...
Done deal !!
:chug: :chug: :chug:
I might be a little late (5.30-6pmish). I wont be in the CBD that day as far as I know. PM me for my mobile # that week just incase I run really late.

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