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Hi all, has anyone got any good information on Baltic Porter's. I have done some brief goggling but haven't come up with much.
I am really keen to make one of these in the next few months.
Any help always greatly appreciated. :)

There was a great article in BYO either the last issue or the one before.
Will see if I can dig it out tonight.

Ray Mills had an excellent Baltic porter. Took a placing at the NSW Sate Championships last year. Maybe he would post the recipe here.
Ray's was a fantastic brew.

I've recently tasted Utenos Porteris from Lithuania and Ray's beer was very true to the style, perhaps a tad darker and definately stronger but the balance was all there.

I'd be keen to see the recipe too.
i researched some baltic recipes a couple of months ago and found this one:

so i tried making something similar to it (couldnt get choc rye) but the cold steeping was WAAYYY inefficient and i had to boil down heaps of extra liquid from cold steeping, PLus i got crap efficiency in my main mash cause i used powells munich, anyway to cut a long story short im currently lagering a schwarzbier by accident (only got to 1055 OG!) seems like a nice schwarzbier anyway.

also i got the recipe from a guy on the web for "Perkuno's Hammer" which is a baltic porter made by Heavyweight in the states, apparently a real good one [] and here it is if you're interested.

82% munich
5% chocolate
13% crystal
+ (and here's the weird bit): 450g borlotti beans in the mash!! (you have to cook them first)

OG 1085, northern brewer and hallertau hops. they use the andechser lager yeast which is impossible to get but WLP833 would probably do a good job.
I've heard that a major Lithuanian brewery uses beans in the mash (might even be Utenos). It was mentioned in an article on the beer hunter site iirc. The proteins are supposed to aid head retension in high alc beers.
The beer was made on the 1st of May on Big Brew Day at my place. Its a big beer and has a nice balance.

Big Brew Baltic Porter

Batch 19L
Total Grain 8.07kg
OG 1.088
FG 1.014
Alcohol 9.8%
IBU 33
Efficiency 65%
Boil 2 hours

7kg Traditional Ale
.25kg Malassas
.25 CaraHell
.25 CaraMunich 11
.12 Dark Munich
.1 Roast malt
.1 Chocolate Malt

52 grams Czech Saaz 4% 90 min biol
20 grams Czech Saaz 4% 30 min boil

White Labs WLP838 Southern German Lager

Ferment at 12C for 3 weeks
Rise temp to 20C for 4 days for diacetel rest
Rack to secondary and lager for 6 weeks

I would recommend some yeast added to bottles at this beer took 4 months to carbonate.
Must be treated as a lager when using a lager yeast. No idear what the beer would be like with an ale yeast. I would suspect it would not be as smooth.

All the best
Thanks everyone and especially Ray for that recipe. Now I have somewhere to start from.

Thanks for that Ray, have been looking forward to seeing the recipe after trying the beer.

This is definitely on the "to brew" list of beers.
I have a feeling that Zymurgy had an article on baltic porters a while back, Pedro?

If you find it Pedro please bring it on Sunday. ;)

Ray, what water did you use with your BP?

There is an article in Zymurgy May/June 2004, but only really has the recipes for Big Brew. The recipes are on the beertown site here

The 2004 BJCP guidelines have good descriptions of the styles.

Just spotted that the article is in May/June 2000 issue of Zymurgy, might have it myself then.

Any update on anyone's Baltics?
I just remembered it's lager season.
My sort of lager.
You can read heaps of references and heaps of articles and fine tune your very own recipe. Or you can just follow Ray's recipe which was a delight to sample.

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