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Hi All,

I was given a can of Bacchus & Barley Blonde from my LHBS (Sunbury Home Brew) to try out as he had just got it in stock. On the can it has a suggestion of the LHBS Brew Enhancer #15, which I have yet to buy and thus do not know what is actually in it. I would imagine it has Corn Syrup, Dex and Malt..

It also suggests the use of Safale US-05 yeast. If anybody had any recipe suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts were to add the following (any feedback would be great)

1 x can Bacchus & Barley Blonde
1 x 1KG Brew Enhancer #15
1 x 250g Light Dry Malt
1 x 15g Pride of Ringwood hops
1 x 11.5g Safale US-05

Mixed as usual with can and Brew Enhancer, 15g POR hops steeped in 1 cup boiling water for 10mins and then add liquid and hops to fermenter and fill to 21L. Ferment out for 7-14 days and then Cold Condition for a week.

Having never tried POR in any brews was wondering if this would potentially be a good combo? When I add the liquid and hops to the fermenter will this give me both aroma and bittering from it or am I required to also do a dry hop later in fermentation?

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