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something to make everyone chuckle.

use your best accent to read however :)

The scene is set, a dark night, cold wind blowing, campfire
flickering, stars twinkling in the dark sky.
Three hang-glider pilots sitting by the campfire, one from
Australia, one from South Ifrika and one from New Zulland.

Each embroiled in the bravado for which they are famous. The night
of tales begins...

Kiven the Kiwi says, "I must be the meanest, toughest, heng glider
there es.

Why, jist the other day I linded in a field and scared a crocodeale,
who came out of the swamp and ate sux min who were standen close by. I
grebbed the crocodeale and wristled him to du ground and killed em
with my beer hends"

Hansie from South Africa who typically can't stand to be bettered
said,"Well you guys, I lended orfter a 200 mile flight in my heng
glider on a tiny trail, and a Namibian snike slid out from under a
rock and made a move on me. I grebbed de borsted with me bare hinds
and beet it's head off ind then sucked the poison from it's body
down in one gulp. End I'm still here today!!!"

Bazza the Aussie remained silent, slowly poking the fire with his penis.
Hey Bonk, not only tough but also smart,
this aussie is in Canada and decides to go duck hunting near the usa border, after a short wait 3 ducks are overehead so bang,bang,bang and shoots the 3 of them ,but they land on the american side and when he goes to get them an american duck shooting ranger asks him why he is shooting ducks out of season, the aussie says its shooting season in canada but the yank says its not in america and these are american ducks, the aussie asks " how can you tell they are american ducks ,so the yank picks up one and sticks his finger up its bum , licks it and says yep ,american and does the same to the other two ,sure enough he says ,american ducks. Pulls the book out and starts writing down a $200 fine, asks the aussie "now where you from" ,the aussie pulls his dacks down , bends over and says,"Well if youre so smart ,stick your finger in".

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