Anyone Had A Shag?

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I saw an ad for our local bottlo in the paper the other day and they have some new "Premium" beer called "Shag". It is priced like an import, about $60 per case.

Has anyone tried it yet?
Ive never even heard of it. The name doesnt make it sound too appealing though.
I hadn't heard of it either, which is why I asked. Might pop into Tostis and have a taste, not that I'm a "Premium Lager" kinda guy, but I'd just like to say to the Mrs "Just popping into Tostis for a Shag".
No, but we did try some Blowfly from these jokers recently...anyone in Sydney know much about them?

It comes out of the Stockade Brewery in Bangholme, home of Eureka Lager, Aldi Supermarket's own label swill, and (I think) that Chopper Read stuff. Didn't taste like much.
There is a bar in Perth called the Lucky Shag, so you could go for a Shag at the Shag.
I had a couple great ones last w... what was the question again?