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I found myself stuck in the vortex of looking at brew equipment on Alibaba, I must say some really impressive looking stuff... but I just wonder how good is it really? I've found it awesome, but my advice is only pay with credit. Don't bank transfer or western union. It's dodgy and you get no insurance. I was burnt $1400 on some coffee machines. Depending on the quantity, you need to organise a shipping agent on this side of the ocean and courier/delivery from the wharf to your door.
Yep put me down for one of them!

I wonder how much that would be?
I have imported a heap of NAS's from contacts I made on Alibaba, but its still the real world. There are people who want to take your money! there is always a scamer somewhere
i got 6 electric ball valves for free from a seller on there, hahah they sent them before i paid...i paid for them though, just in case i need more
Is it just me or do those chillers look shithouse?

"Quick, darl'! Pull the radiator out of the Gemini - I sold another brewery!"
Don't bother unless you are planning on going over to look at it first.

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