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  1. Jarrynpitts

    Re-using yeast that's been sitting in trub for almost a week yet tempretures have been high

    Hi guys, I plan on re-using some American Ale yeast that's been sitting in my laundry for almost a week, I'm just wondering if becuase there's been a couple of hot days if the yeast will be cooked and unusable? or if it will be decreased in it's usability, in that case I'm happy to chuck it...
  2. D

    High temp yeast for extract

    Hey everyone, I’m new to brewing, have done a couple of extract batches. As I live in QLD the current average temp is 30c+ and wondering if there are any good yeasts I can swap out from the kits that will work better with the higher temperatures here. Unfortunately I don’t currently have an...
  3. Propper Yeast

    Start up research help: Lock down idea - A pre-made yeast starter that saves the environment

    Hi all, great to be here. Im hoping you can help us out a bit. My buddy is a pro-brewer and we are looking for feedback on a lockdown idea we had. Sterile Yeast Starter /Rehydrator that's also Carbon Neutral and offsets all the co2 your homebrew will produce. Is there a market for this? Would...
  4. Ronwales

    Kveik no krausen

    im using labmans kveik for the first time in a xpa recipe starting gravity 1.050. I didn't use any nutrient and have no krausen on day 4 . Should i add yeast energizer to kick start it?
  5. L

    Problems with Yeast

    Hi everyone. Just looking for some guidance about a dry yeast issue. Bought some Safale US-05, which took a long time to develop krausen which was muddy brown, and when bottling tasted and smelt like bin juice or sewage or something similar. Used a new pack on another batch and this time the...
  6. M

    Ginger Beer- no action

    Hello, This is my first ever kit without help from my dad, so please, bear with me. I have made a ginger beer purely from a kit. (Thought there was no reason to mix it up the first time). There was a little bit of movement in the bubbler/ airlock in the beginning but it just seems to have...
  7. J

    Lager fermentation temperature troubles

    Hi all, On Friday, I pitched Saflager S-23 yeast into my fermenter at 20 degrees Celcius, before putting it into a fridge and cooling it. I checked the fermenter on Saturday midday and it was hovering around 11 degrees and there was bubbling in the airlock. Now I didn't check the temperature...
  8. Brewman_

    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Wyeast Pre-Orders and Private Collection Orders
  9. Luxo_Aussie

    American Ale Yeast Recommendation

    G'day All, I've been back in the game for about 9 months now and have used Wyeast 1056 with great success on a range of IPA's, American Ales, Wheat beers & a couple of DSGA's. I'm keen to try a few other strains in the coming months, would anyone recommend a yeast from the following : Wyeast...
  10. J

    Pitching extra yeast when fermentation looking complete? Help

    HI guys, I have a kit and kilo lager sitting in the fermenter for 10 days now at about 8 degrees, still slowly bubbling away, my OG was 1.060 and my current gravity is sitting on 1.030 and has been like that for about 3 days now, so it’s looking like fermentation is complete even though it’s...
  11. migi

    Yeast starter with wheat DME for a no-wheat beer.

    Hi guys, Probably silly question. I was planning to do a yeast starter for a strong pale ale (Original Gravity: 1.069) but in the last moment I realized I didn't have light DME, only wheat DME so finally I used that one. Now I am waiting a day or two but I am not sure if I can use the starter...
  12. michael_aussie

    yeasts ain't yeasts .....

    A workmate brews. He makes weird, funky beers including super high alcohol content ginger beers. IMO most taste like shit. His partner has some sort of doctorate in something to do with biology. She has told him the yeast is yeast, so he uses the yeast from bread packs in his beer. I told...
  13. mkortink

    Making yeast happy and productive

    Hi, there is a lot of specific info about yeast and pitching in different forums, but what i am after is a general overview for using yeast to best effect. What are these little yeastie animals like, what stresses them, is stress good sometimes, how tough are they, etc. So i am a kit brewer and...
  14. L

    Washing Yeast

    Hello, first post here but i've been reading them for a while now. Gave yeast washing a go today from US-05 to see how it works, and i seem to have done a poor job, i can only see a separation between water and slurry. I am unable to see any yeast in the mixture. Can someone point out to me what...
  15. J

    Under attenuated extract IPA

    Hi everyone, First post here. My second brew is currently in the fermentor, dry hopped today after 10 days. It's an IPA brewed with DME as well as Munich and crystal grains. I ended up doing a mini mash with the grains (45 mins at 65C) as my homebrew shop had assumed me ypu can steep Munich...
  16. M

    Session Mead yeast

    I'm looking to make a session mead (around 5% or 6% instead of the usual double digits). I have seen a lot of recipes with different yeasts, some people recommend beer yeast, others recommend normal mead yeasts. I have ec 1118, a champagne yeast, would that work for a session mead? I've also...
  17. brucearnold

    Mead Experimentations

    AHBers, I am giving mead another try (have done JOAM in the past) but want to find the yeast that gives the best result for me for a dry mead similar to a wine. To try and make things scientific I have used the same recipe, just varied the yeast for individual batches, so far 4 batches have...
  18. M

    Filtering Wines/Ciders

    Hi all. So my girlfriend has a yeast allergy, so she can't drink most of the stuff at liquor stores, which is why I started making homebrew, in the hopes that I could make some yeast free drinks for her. I know that yeast is crucial for making alcohol, but we found a mead and a cider that she...
  19. B

    Kolsch brew

    Hi, I am going to brew a Kolsch over the next few days. The extract recipe is pretty simple with a some light extract and a couple of small amounts of specialty grains ( 0.1kg of vienna, munich and wheat) to add some flavour. What I would like to know is would it be a good idea to use an ale...
  20. B

    Coopers Canadian Blonde suggested improvements

    Hey Crew. Hope your well. Currently have my mangrove jacks lager in day 3 of fermentation and the airlocks showing its going healthily. What suggestions for my second beer kit? IE steeping grains, different yeast, steeping hops - brews been sitting comfortably at 18 degrees got a couple of...