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  1. C

    Fermenting Mead with plastic wrap

    Hello everyone, I'm about to do my first fermentation and I chose to do mead. I found a really good recipe that just uses a loose lid over the water, honey, and yeast to let the CO2 out. I was curious if I could just do the loose lid (it's a glass container) or if I should use cling wrap? And if...
  2. H

    Honey Wines Australia Meadery

    Hi, thank you for having me. I'm a beekeeper and meadery in the Hunter Region of NSW and would like to trial being a sponsor. If mead is something you're interested in it can be purchased via the online store linked below. $30 per 750ml bottle. I currently have 5 flavours: Lemon and Ginger...
  3. M

    Session Mead yeast

    I'm looking to make a session mead (around 5% or 6% instead of the usual double digits). I have seen a lot of recipes with different yeasts, some people recommend beer yeast, others recommend normal mead yeasts. I have ec 1118, a champagne yeast, would that work for a session mead? I've also...
  4. brucearnold

    Mead Experimentations

    AHBers, I am giving mead another try (have done JOAM in the past) but want to find the yeast that gives the best result for me for a dry mead similar to a wine. To try and make things scientific I have used the same recipe, just varied the yeast for individual batches, so far 4 batches have...
  5. M

    Filtering Wines/Ciders

    Hi all. So my girlfriend has a yeast allergy, so she can't drink most of the stuff at liquor stores, which is why I started making homebrew, in the hopes that I could make some yeast free drinks for her. I know that yeast is crucial for making alcohol, but we found a mead and a cider that she...
  6. lswhi3

    Is it necessary to add sulphate to mead for a 2 year bottle aging?

    Yay or nah? And what would the process involve?
  7. lswhi3

    Airlock and bung keep blowing off carboy during ferment, help?

    Hey guys, So I made a cyser yesterday with a particularly high OG of 1.152. Fermenting out with EC-1118. It's pretty full, for a 4.25L carboy, I only left 250ml of space. So, the ferment keeps pushing into the airlock, blocking the airlock, and then the whole things blows off. Maybe I should...
  8. Airgead

    Sydney Mead Brewers - Cheap(ish) honey

    Hi Guys Just discovered the other day they there is a bee keeping supplies shop not 5 mins from my house that sells - Bulk Honey! At around $6.50/kg (depends a little on the variety). They have been there for years but I've only just found out about them. Apparently they buy the honey from a...
  9. lswhi3

    How to estimate OG for cyser. Honey + Juice = 1.? Plus apple-pie cyser

    What's up guys! I'm going to try and make an apple-pie cyser, similar to what Michael Fairbrother has had a lot of success with (I'll post the link to his awesome podcast at the end). However, I'm not sure how to estimate the OG BEFORE adding the honey and apple juice together so I can get...
  10. bec newbie craig

    Can anyone please help me with some mead recipes and/or tips?

    Hey guys! Although I'm rather familiar with some aspects of brewing and know my way around a reflux still quite well, I've never attempted brewing cider, beer or mead. I've started with a simple apple cider, but have my heart set upon brewing up some mead… Can anyone give me some hints on what...
  11. mr_wibble

    14th Century Bouchet / Burnt Honey Mead

    Chelsea has a write-up of brewing of making a 14th century mead over at Game of Brews. I bought a shipload of honey the other day to make another batch of JAO Mead, but after reading this I might have to make two batches. The "slightly bitter" flavour profile concerns me a bit though, but I...
  12. dottle

    First timer's first brew. Looking for feedback.

    Hey Sup. After many years of putting it off I really want to give home brew a try. I've always been interested in home brewing fruit wines, meads and to a lesser extent ciders ever since one of my first girl friends introduced me to her parents (her father made excellent fruit wines that would...
  13. S

    Yeast alcohol production/tolerance

    A few months ago I bottled a JAOM which was as per the recipe with the exception of the yeast. I used Tandaco Bakers Yeast instead of Flieshmans. The OG was 1145 and the FG was 1040 for a ABV of 14% which seemed very high for a bakers yeast,so I did a little experiment. I made a brew--- 6L...
  14. Dunkelbrau

    Big Dark Braggot

    Im looking to brew a dark braggot, not black, but not pale, ive got the colour roughly where i want it, but i was looking at advice on the recipe. Im aiming for around 14% and have got the nutrient blend sorted for pitching, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours into ferment (SNA). Since i have no...
  15. zarniwoop

    How long can I keep bottled mead? (Bottled just after daughters birth)

    Hi All, I've been fermenting an ancient orange mead for the last 3 months and as our 2nd daughter was born on Monday I would like to bottle it over the next week or two and keep a bottle for as long as possible, question is how long will it keep for? I'd like 18 years but I have my doubts about...
  16. Thefatdoghead

    Honey Mead. Some may call it Ambrosia

    So made this Mead about 1 and a half years ago. Used liquid yeast and a variety of honey from markets around the Sunshine coast. I was aiming for a sweet mead but I got a desert mead. It's still so good and when ever I go to a nice restaurant ill bust a few out under the table. Still waiting for...
  17. T

    Winemaking log software

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it seemed the most fitting, feel free to move it mods. I've recently gotten started in winemaking and brewing in general. I've been keeping fairly good records as I want to be able to repeat and great successes and obviously avoid repeating failures. I've...
  18. Bats

    Mead/Melomel ideas

    I tried a search but wasn't getting much help from the search tab and no RecipeDB available at the moment. I'm after any ideas on a new Mead or Melomel recipe. I have tried the JAO Mead recipe which I am a fan of however my wife isn't a fan of the spices and would rather something with a little...
  19. Thefatdoghead

    Yandina Sterday Markets Ripping For Mead

    Just thought id'e let all the mead makers out there know there is some really great honey at these markets and there is a dude selling 6kg of blackberrys for $20. I know because i'll be making a nice blackberry melomel with some great verital honey soonish. Cheers Thats Saturday sorry.
  20. J

    Bottling Mead

    Hi, Question of bottling a 5l demijohn of mead - would it affect the final product if I half full 750ml bottles? Cheers, Jeff