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  1. M

    No bubbles when fermenting.

    I’m baffled Just finished an AG NEIPA. OG 1.055 pitched 2 packets of safale 05 at 18degrees. I ferment in a SS vessel with a blow off tube into jar of starsan, so cannot see the wort and rely on CO2 blowoff to detect activity. After 3 days no bubbles. I raised temperature and gave it a bit of a...
  2. BennyBrew

    Fermentation Problems with Coopers Brew A kit - help?

    After a year or so since my last home brew, I decided to ease my way back into the game with a kit brew. I went for the Coopers Brew A can and mixed 1KG of dried light malt extract to make a 18L batch. OG reading was 1028 which I thought was low but wasn't really sure what to expect of the...
  3. M

    Ginger Beer- no action

    Hello, This is my first ever kit without help from my dad, so please, bear with me. I have made a ginger beer purely from a kit. (Thought there was no reason to mix it up the first time). There was a little bit of movement in the bubbler/ airlock in the beginning but it just seems to have...
  4. Jeremy Bullock

    Kveik - what goes on in your fermentation fridge?

    Have you ever wondered how the new 'wonder yeast' Kviek performs in your fermentation fridge. Well, we made a brew and monitored the life out of it to find out. Here at MyBrewbot we thought we would have a look at what goes on in the fermentation fridge after you’ve pitched. We found some...
  5. Jeremy Bullock

    MyBrewbot Tilt Bridge

  6. K

    Not one bubble

    hi, I just made a brew on Sunday and there has not been one bubble. Nothing. Dead as. Would that indicate bad yeast? Or something else. I followed recipe to the tee. Appreciate thoughts.
  7. K

    Quick fermentation

    Hi, I’ve just started brewing with grain and hops instead of the canned wort in a 5ltr fermenter. The fermentation only went for 2 days and stopped bubbling. Any ideas why? Is it a temp thing? I used a blow off hose for the first day. Is that why? I will leave it there for a week still. But...
  8. UnannouncedMole

    Burnt vegetables and rubber flavour?

    Hey, Brewing an English style Ale. I'm only at day two of fermentation and was adding some dry hops. I decided to have a sneaky taste (used a pipette). The flavours I got were as described above, burnt vegetable and rubber taste. Is this normal during fermentation, and will go away with time...
  9. muddytrails

    Cider fermentation on pause?

    I started a small 1 gallon batch of cider last Sunday using a bottled Honey Crisp cider from Trader Joes. Fermentation started off real nice, and then 2 days ago quit altogether. It's very cold in my area now, and our home brewery is not well heated. I checked the room temperature daily using...
  10. NzBrewerMatt

    Airlock vs Blow Off Tube (Limited Space)

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a fridge for fermentation and rigged it up with a temp controller. I'm also trying to fit two 30L fermenters in the fridge, one above the other. One is plastic, the other is stainless steel. The only thing I'm currently struggling with is space. I didn't really...
  11. C

    Please help me diagnose my infection and its cause

    I fermented 46L of IPA split across two fermenters, and one has picked up an infection, unfortunately. In my 12 years of brewing, it's the second time I've had an infection that required the beer to be tossed out. It's a little more interesting this time in that I have a 'control' as such in the...
  12. P

    Fermentation Fridge with temp controller and heat belt $60

    We have a 381l fridge with a temp controller and a heat belt for sale. The controller works to 1c accuracy. Great for keeping beers at the right fermentation temperature. Works well, great for fermentation. $60 Pickup only from Yarraville, Melbourne.
  13. E

    "Dry hopping" with orange peel and coriander

    Just set up a fairly basic 5 litre American-style wheat beer last night. Given that it's my second time using the recipe, I want to mix it up a little by trying something new by adding some citrus notes to it. I've read that other brewers have had success with "dry hopping" their wheat beers by...
  14. R

    Old Peculier

    Old Peculier – is a fantastic old beer I came across at the Lion Inn (1553) at Blakey, while walking across the ol’ Dart. This is a recipe that I have found:- Amount Fermentable 1.362Kg Dark Dry Malt Extract 540g...
  15. C

    Leffe Blonde Clone

    G'day, I want to try this recipe of Leffe Blonde from the ESB Brewing website. What do you think? There is a lot of sugar. Is it ok to add all of it in 1 go to the fermenter? I have seen recipes where 1/3 is added at the beginning, then another 1/3 after 1 week, and the rest 1 week later...