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    Gripes about AHB

    So it's just the vibe? We need a vibe rule that covers some.
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    Gripes about AHB

    I'd like to think you blokes are not dragging this thread off topic
  4. punkin

    Gripes about AHB

    That's good to hear, i'll be remembering that.
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    Monks Wanted! Beer and robes supplied

    I'd consider if there was no harping about how much you drink. It'd be worth all the kneeling for that.
  6. punkin

    Heres to the bottlers.

    Bottling is a very easy job if you have two doing it. That's why my missus loves kegging :lol: :P I'm another tipper, after pitching on the yeast bed three or four times there may be up to 4 or 5 litres left in the fermenter. It goes on the lemon tree, **** washing, storing and bottling...
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    Kegging Setups

    Probably a good idea at 2 metres.
  8. punkin

    Apple cider from fresh apple

    And then keep them stored for a week or two to let the sugars develop in the fruit before juicing.
  9. punkin

    Salami 101

    Yes, they have adjustable sharpening stones built in on the commercial models.
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    Kegging Setups

    Mine is about 500ml and works wonderfully. If the room is very hot the first half a beer will be warmer than the next one, but it's only the first one and it's fine for a couple of hours after that. I have all 4 lines running together through some armaflex, so the first pull cools the other...
  11. punkin

    Apple cider from fresh apple

    Sounds excellent. That sort of thing would be great as a community asset. I'd love to live in apple country and have friends and neighbours for a BBQ and apple pressing weekend.
  12. punkin

    Coffs Region Amateur Brewers unite!

    The Uralla Brewery are local here as it gets for you i suspect. It may be worth having a word to your local publican about getting a rotating tap in. They do that at the bowlo i drink at and besides having Frankizanner on tap full time (the very best beer i can get on tap here) they have a...
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    No Topic Thread

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    Apple cider from fresh apple

    I probably would have gone the press and scratter way if i had room to store them for 51 weeks a year. I don't and cop a lot of pressure about the spillover from my sheds already. The juicer just goes in the laundry cupboard till march each year.
  15. punkin

    Greetings from Narrabri

    No mate.