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    VICBREW 2020

    Sorry, guys. It ain't gonna happen this year. As of the committee meeting this evening via a zoom meeting, the reasons we see for cancelling VicBrew2020 are: Unlikely to be able to run a successful competition of an appropriate standard in the presence of Covid . High likelihood of ongoing...
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    Let's Freeze Some Yeast

    I got mine from Proscitech in Qld. as part of a bulk buy many years ago. This is the kind of thing you're after: Make sure you...
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    Brew shops that ship to NZ

    Why not just shop locally? Much less in freight.....
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    Large Mytton Grosvenor kegs

    Mark beat me to the punch & should be able to help you out from Brewman stock.
  5. MartinOC

    Large Mytton Grosvenor kegs

    If you're talking about the lid seals, then any standard keg lid O-ring will fit, no problems. It's the other bits that are a little harder to find. If they're a bit old, it's probably a good idea to replace all the seals (including all the little ones inside the posts) as per the post by MHB...
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    Beginner, diving head first into BIAB

    'Gonna have to echo much of what has already been said: KISS is the best way to go when you're learning something new. All kudos to you for jumping straight into AG brewing, rather than going the extract route. You'll be disappointed on occasions & also amazed by the difference AG makes. I've...
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    VICBREW 2019

    We're waiting until after the Nationals (this weekend) just in case one of the Vic. entries scores a national prize, which can be collected by one of the Vic. delegates & we can mail them both at the same time.
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    VICBREW 2019

    Hi Mate, I'm afraid we only give prizes to the top-3 in each category. Can you really imagine/appreciate getting a certificate to hang on your brewery wall that says "Stone motherless last" in "X" category? Multiples of them??????? We've toyed with the idea of a "Wooden Spoon Award" as a bit...
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    VICBREW 2019

    Hi Guys, I'm going to jump-in without a safety net here & rely on my memory, which is.....erm....I can't remember why (but it's bad!). The Belgians definitely only had two judges on one table & three on the other on Saturday morning. That was expanded to another table of three for the arvo, as...
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    VICBREW 2019

    Beg to differ, mate. I just clicked on the link you provided & the results are definitely there.
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    VICBREW 2019

    All the judging was done & dusted by mid afternoon, but since we're a couplea bodies down this time, it's going to take awhile for all the scoresheets to be checked, scanned & then work-out the placings (some stuff has to be done manually). You lot have been so fucking spoilt in the past with...
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    VICBREW 2019

    Sorry, mate. Didn't get a notification of your post & just picked-up on it manually now. I think by now, everything has already been sorted for bums on seats. Strange that you didn't get included in the judging schedule email that went out several days ago. I can only assume that there was an...
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    VICBREW 2019

    ^ Wot he said. Just to elaborate: We've got a draft judging schedule that will probably get massaged into place over the next couple of days. Without wanting to blow trumpets here, the reason Vicbrew gets things done so efficiently & results published so quickly is because the hard-core of...
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    Ring of Scum - Cleaning Bottles

    If your beers aren't heavily hopped, then your "ring of confidence" at the liquid/gas interface is an indication of an infection somewhere in your process. The most obvious one is a very thin skin/layer of gunk on top of the liquid in your bottles. Do your beers develop more carbonation over...
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    I've just bookmarked this page...:bigcheers: