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    Homebrew equipment for sale
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    Best europe beer spots to visit

    Gotta do the Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels
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    First crack at a Duvel clone

    Ive brewed Mants Duvel Clone absolute cracker of a beer!
  5. humulus

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    What can i say!,dates,plums and raisins.......bloody beautiful!
  6. humulus

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Jesus Northside living the good life!!
  7. humulus

    Whats In The Glass

    Cream ale,this one half froze in my conditioning Chestie,so its a higher ABV Eis Cream Ale @5.6%,bloody nice and drinking well
  8. humulus

    NYE drinks thread

    No pics! Cup of tea and a toasted vegemite sanga for me,bloody work,might be different this arvo though! Happy New Year AHBers
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    Oysters - recipes please

    Cornwells Malt vinegar!
  10. humulus

    Recipe Check: Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Porter With What I Have

    Hey Truman you split the pods lenghtways and scrape out the vanilla seeds inside them,them cut the pods into about 3 pieces,chuck them into your secondary and rack your beer onto it. brew365 has Dennys orginal recipe and dicussion on it,thinking of brewing this myself,keep us posted!
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    XMAS beer porn

  12. humulus

    XMAS beer porn

    Got this awsome haul of Belgians from the Mrs and young bloke,god love em! Merry Chrissy Sorry see next post,too many glasses of xmas cheers
  13. humulus

    Punkin's Xmas Muck (Baileys)

    I dont mind the egg nog but you gotta pimp it up with brandy or similar!
  14. humulus

    Punkin's Xmas Muck (Baileys)

    Might give this a go,looks like a high horsepower EggNog!