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    What Do You Reckon Of This Recipe?

    You can use 0.3-0.4 of Carapils. If You go to use any 200-300 gramm of wheat malt You can use Kolsch Yeast too. If no -- that no
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    Hops Storage

    Into the freezer, but very well whithout air(vacuum)
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    To Cooper's Yeast Users!

    Hi to All! Thank You for your answers. I want to know how can I use yeast in summer. Coopers yeast work to 25C(written on the pack) but I was not sure that it not working 27-30C. Belgian yeast works in 27C Israel is not islamic country. From 6.5 mln of people we have ~ 4.7-4.8 mln Jewish men...
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    To Cooper's Yeast Users!

    Hi to All!!! My question to australian homebrewers that use Coopers yeast. What is a max temperature that You used the Coopers yeast? Here in Israel the weather like to australian weather and I want to know if Cooper's yeast is good for me in summer? Thank You!
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    The Hard Choise

    I don't know what to choise from two crushers. -- "2A" for 99$ OR -- "2D" for 129$ What do You think about this? What are advantages every from them?
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    A German Home-brewery

    I think about -- multylanguage translation
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    A German Home-brewery

    I was near. I have a friends and any from my family live in Reinald Pfaltz(Mainz and Bad Kroitzbah) Best regards, Alex
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    A German Home-brewery Ii

    I think this frau is from poof... :blink:
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    A German Home-brewery

    Very nice, Mr.Zwickel! Where are You from(city)? Alex
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    Less Of Beer

    Hello to All! I have not a system. This was the first time that I used Igloo cooler. I got a 23L batch, and after filtration in sifter with 16 liter of water I got OG 1.048(the first OG of wort was 1.070)
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    Less Of Beer

    Was brewed dark AltBier. I took 1.65kg of Pilsner 1.80kg of Munich Light 0.3kg of CaraPils 0.15kg of Crystal 10L 0.15kg of Chocolate 0.75kg of Barley] 0.40kg of Flakes] 22% no malted grains -------------------------- 5.2 kg of grains I got 17 liters with OG 1.048. :angry: Why? I don't...
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    Brazilian Porter

    My last porter was: Pale Ale(Muntons) -- 3.00 kg CaraDunkel(Wyermann) -- 1.00 kg FarbMalz(Weyermann) -- 0.15 kg Barley -- 0.55 kg Oat Flackes -- 0.30 kg 54 C -- 20 min 67 C -- 30 min 75 C -- 15 min 78 C -- 10 min Magnum 14.5% --...
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    Budvar Malt

    Hi to All! I use pilsner malt and pale ale malt. Pilsner malt I must mash with 2 pauses if I brew without not malted grains Pale ale malt can brew with one infusion mash if is not brewing with not malted grains If I brew with not malted grains I must 3 pauses for 52-54, 62-65 and 69-73 C
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    Ipa Questions

    For 23 liters Pale Ale -- 4 kg Crystal(Caramel) 60 L -- 0.3 kg No malted Barley-- 0.4 kg Wheat Flackes -- 0.2 kg I used 40 gramm for IPA Magnum 14.5% for a bittering: 25 gr. 90 min 15 gr. 15 min Yeast -- Nottingham Primary fermentation -- 4 days Secondary -- 3 days Drink...
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    Honey Pilsner

    Two times I made honey pilsner. It is very good beer for men that like to eat hard cheese with beer. 22 L of 12.5%: 4.5 kg of Pilsner(!) or Pale Malt 0.5 kg of barley(optional) 400 g of honey Magnum 14.5% -- 10 g SAAZ 2.9% -- 30 g 52-54 C -- 30 min 65-67 C -- 45 min 72-74 C -- 40 min...