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  1. felten

    He's got a kick-arse laboratory.

    He's got a kick-arse laboratory.
  2. felten

    My efficiency sucks, can you help?

    What efficiency though? into the bottles? into the fermenter? pre-boil, post-boil, mash efficiency? I may get 75% mash efficiency, and then 65% into the fermenter, and 55% into bottles (pulling these numbers out of the air). Efficiency percentage needs a context.
  3. felten

    Do you squeeze the grain bag after mash?

    I twist mine around until its tight, but don't bother pressing it with anything.
  4. felten

    yeast starter tips.

    That is a brilliant idea.
  5. felten

    Biab - twist and hoist?

    I used to use a klemheist knot, its easy to do, and gives me a loop to work with for attaching to a pulley. Looking at some of the other ideas though, they're a lot simpler :unsure:
  6. felten

    My efficiency sucks, can you help?

    Where and how are you measuring the efficiency? I think it would be worthwhile to troubleshoot via this braukaiser article.
  7. felten

    Coloured titles and updates

    . We've always had coloured titles there...
  8. felten

    Get a second opinion!

    Get a second opinion!
  9. felten

    Better bottle fermenters

    I use a better bottle for bulk aging, since I don't have kegs. They are supposed to be less oxygen permeable than HDPE. The vessel itself is great, but the accessories are way too expensive. I would not want to mess around with a piece of glass that big, I've heard a few horror stories about...
  10. felten

    Rain water ( good or bad)?

    Try this as a starting point. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f128/brewing-water-chemistry-primer-198460/ Dead simple, and AJ deLange knows his stuff.
  11. felten

    Deschutes Brewery recipes

    There's also some recipes & interviews from Deschutes on the brewing network here. The obsidian stout is one of my favourite recipes.
  12. felten

    PH Mash Adjustments

    http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php?title=Mash_pH_control There is a slew of other articles there on pH as well.
  13. felten

    dry yeast rehydrating tip - avoid yeast clumps

    So your rehydrating tip is to not rehydrate?
  14. felten

    how to keep your yeast starter warm in winter

    I put my stirplate in a large cardboard box together with a heatpad hooked up to a temp controller.
  15. felten

    Heineken Ignite