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  1. doon

    Ferment, condition and pressurise in one vessel

    These are made by kegking im pretty sure
  2. doon

    Josie Bones - Closing

    Lives in denmark now
  3. doon

    Melbourne bitter

    Its on tap in melbourne thanks to hipsters!
  4. doon

    Netflix blocking VPN services

    Meh i cancelled my subscription. Just use popcorn time tv for movies and tv shows
  5. doon

    Yeast in Feral Sly Fox bottles

    For 10 bucks for 4 this beer was a cracker. Way better then i remembered it. I did notice the sediment but it didnt seem to pour into glass even though I wasn't careful
  6. doon

    ebay and gum tree finds

    And thats just the brew house no fermenters
  7. doon

    Full Pint: Brew Supplies

    What are the dosing rates for the hop shots and would they be available in dosing for hl sizes?
  8. doon

    Froached Eggs

    Been cooking my eggs like this since I was young
  9. doon

    So who is the Southern Cross Brewing Company?

    Thats Southern Bay Brewing. Different brewery
  10. doon

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Would hardly call the so called "conical" fermenters conical. Only a slight angle on them.
  11. doon

    Efficiency frustration

    This is what im referring to. Just confused me as i take it as you have sparged 30l of water
  12. doon

    Efficiency frustration

    The numbers dont make sense. One post you say pre boil volume of 29l. Another says you sparged with 30l. Are you simply over sparging?
  13. doon

    Ibd Brewing Course

    Im doing module one exam of diploma next june. Once paid up for membership and exam you get a pretty detailed file of all the study material sent to you with break down of each module etc. Apparently you do need some extra reading material but from what i have its pretty comprehensive.
  14. doon

    Contract Brewing - Anyone Done It?

    Just remember brewing on a homebrew scale and brewing on a commercial scale are different beasts altogether. I work in a brewery and most days im covered in yeast and trub or cleaning something or other or shoveling hundreds of kilos of grain from the mash tun sweating my arse off. The other...