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    Dextrose vs Cane Sugar

    Healthy yeast should chew through dex or table sugar without any problems and very little flavour. If your going higher gravity or the yeast is in bad shape you might see a more distinct difference. Dextrose is also easier to disolve into solution than sugar
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    Kumiss - Would Appreciate Feedback

    Very interesting, and easy to read. Could make for something interesting for blending (in glass or after killing bugs). Horse milk stout anyone?
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    You Know You're A Dedicated Homebrewer When...

    Not as i remember. Egypt is pretty much dry due to a high Muslim population. Also no bacon, although the beef bacon tastes similar to jerky. They also bleed most of their meat pretty dry so leave the steak alone of any is on offer. To stay on topic: You know your dedicated when you keep a...
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    24 Caret Beer - Wtf

    Just because your the first does not mean its a good idea. Im pretty sure the gold would provide plenty of nucleation sites for all the co2 to promptly leave. That being said someone will buy it.
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    Brewing With Cedar?

    Dog fish head in the states did a cedar beer, they covered it on brewmasters episode 4. I can't remember what style it was though. I guess the first step would be to find out how/if the cedar was treated. If its safe then i would use it in a similar way to oak, ageing the fermented beer with...
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    Fundamentals Of Brewing And Packaging

    Could you elaborate on "tricky"? Should i be focusing more on comprehension and understanding or on exact figures?
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    Places To Go Melbourne

    I'll add another vote for cookie. Their drinks list is pretty massive and their thai food is on the better side
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    1st Wort Hopping.

    cohumulone (harsh bitter) is broken down into isocohumulone (smooth bitter) with extended boil times. Although FWH is primarily used in lagers that use low cohumulone noble hop varieties. (paraphrased from "Principles of Brewing Science" G. Fix) Im assuming that the smoother bitterness is more...
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    Fundamentals Of Brewing And Packaging

    Im studying for the IBD Fundamentals and i was wondering if anyone has taken this exam? I haven't found very much new information aside from some of the large scale equipment. Have i not yet reached the hard part or is this course really fundamental?
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    Launching Brewgeeks

    Nice job, everything is nice and easy to read and there are enough pictures to show whats happening without making it a slideshow. Some more instructions on the keg line cleaner would be nice, that thing looks damn handy.
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    Carbonic Acid

    Carbonic acid is created when co2 goes into solution. So would all the acid leave solution if the beer is allowed to go flat or would some remain? For example a beer is over carbonated and then carbonation level is lowered. Would that beer have a higher carbonic acid level than the same beer...
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    Odd Things In Bags Of Grains

    Mummified grasshopper in raw organic wheat once, he didn't make it into the mill.
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    AHB Articles: Fermenting Directly in the No-chill Cube

    The shape of the "Cube" could play an issue in fermentation character, as it will change the surface area of the yeast cake exposed to the beer and the convection patterns of the fermenting beer. I'm not sayings its a bad thing but you may get a slightly different character using different...
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    "home Brew" Taste

    Basic improvements: Fresh ingredients this goes for everything: the can, hops, malt extract and yeast. Use the right ingredients, Nottingham will never make a clean lager. Keep everything as clean and sanitary as possible, including the lip of the can when pouring it out. Reduce dextrose and...
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    Ibu's From Non-hop Sources

    In ye olde days many beers were brewed without hops using other herbs for bittering, flavour and other properties (medicinal or recreational) So 2 main questions: 1. Im assuming that most of these herbs/spices would contain a different bittering compound to iso alpha acid (hops) so could they...