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Actual answers given to Larry Gogan on the 'Just a Minute' Quiz - IRELAND

1) Something a blind man might use? A Sword

2) Name the Capital of France? - F

3) Name a bird with a long Neck? Naomi Campbell.

4) Name an occupation where you might need a torch? A burglar

5) Where is the Taj Mahal? Opposite the Dental Hospital (brilliant answer)

6) As happy as.... (Larry gave a hint - think of my name) A pig in sh*t.

7) Some famous brothers ? - Bonnie and Clyde.

8) Something that floats in a bath ? Water.

9) An item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers? A horse

10) Something you wear on a beach ? A deckchair

11) A famous Royal ? Mail.

12) Something that flies that doesn't have an engine? A bicycle with wings

13) A famous bridge ? The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

14) Something a cat does ? Goes to the Toilet

15) Something you do in the bathroom ? Decorate

16) A method of securing your home ? Put the kettle on (?????????)

17) Something associated with pigs ? The Police.

18) A sign of the Zodiac ? April.

19) Something people might be allergic to ? Skiing (again, ????????)

20) Something you do before you go to bed ? Sleep

21) Something you put on walls ? A roof (BRILLIANT!)

22) Something Slippery ? A conman

23) A Jacket Potato topping ? Jam

24) A food that can be brown or white ? A potato

25) A famous Scotsman? Jock

26) A famous Scotsman? Vinnie Jones

27) Something you open other than a door ? Your bowels

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